Corona Insanity: Parents Under CPS Investigation For Taking Children To Bank



Family of 9 discriminated against?

(Infowars) – A Kentucky couple is being investigated by Child Protective Services for daring to take their children with them on a trip to the bank amid the COVID-19 social-distancing scare.

It was early March when Bill and Kristy decided to run errands and bring their seven children along.

Because several of the children were too young to be left in their vehicle without adult supervision, the couple brought five of the kids into the bank.

Since America is apparently no longer the land of the free, a fellow citizen called the “authorities” on the couple after seeing them in public with their children.

Jim Mason of the Home School Legal Defense Association writes, “The teller immediately interrogated Bill and Kristy about why they had brought five kids into the bank at one time. She [the teller] told them they could not get within six feet of her and that they needed to take the children out.”

“Kristy explained that the children were too young to be left unsupervised by an adult, and neither she nor Bill could take them elsewhere because the couple were opening a joint account, and both had to be present,” he continues. “While Bill stayed with the children away from the counter, Kristy opened the account, feeling self-conscious as the staff whispered to each other and watched her family suspiciously.”

When the family got home from the bank trip, a police officer and a CPS worker were waiting for them.

The two “officials” said they needed to “do a safety check” on the children because they received a complaint that they were in public with a man who was not their father and had bruises on their arms.

After forcing one of the boys to remove his shirt and asking the girls to do the same, the mother insisted on being present for the girls’ examination and the CPS worker found no bruises on the kids.

“Kristy and Bill’s 10-year-old daughter, in particular, felt extremely uncomfortable having her privacy and dignity invaded in this way,” Mason writes.

After seeing with his own eyes that the children did not have bruises and that Bill is their father, the CPS investigator began questioning the couple about their homeschooling curriculum.

The caseworker then told the family they’d have to send the children to undergo physical exams and Kristy argued that she’d tried to get appointments but that because of COVID-19 none were available until May.

Additionally, Kristy explained that she’s pregnant and didn’t think it wise to go to the health department with her kids when people with coronavirus could be at the facility.

The investigator refused to understand her concerns and insisted the children be examined.

Now, the family has teamed up with Home School Legal Defense Association to fight back against this scandalous treatment.