Comedy and political correctness in 2020 — CancelThis



(thepostmillennial)Pantelis is a Canadian Comedian and host of the “Pantelis Podcast.” As a Comedian in the modern politically correct landscape, Pantelis is all too aware of cancel culture and censorship tactics.

In the discussion, Pantelis describes his own experiences of political correctness, as well as the experiences of fellow Comedians like Mike Ward, who is appearing to the Supreme Court over a joke he once made. Pantelis also discusses doing comedy during COVID, such as going digital, and the future privatization of comedy.


Comedy and political correctness in 2020 — CancelThis

Pantelis co-hosts the “2 Drink Minimum” podcast, alongside fellow Comic Mike Ward. He is bilingual and also hosts a “Frenchcast” which is a podcast exclusively in the French language.

Pantelis is also a writer on Louder with Crowder.

Pantelis has appeared on other popular programs like: The Anthony Cumia Show, The Joe Rogan Experience, Jim & Sam, The Bennington Show.

His comedy has graced the stages of legendary clubs such as The Ice House, The Comedy Store, The Comedy Nest and The Comedyworks.


CancelThis is a new weekly show by The Post Millennial, featuring free speech activist Angelo Isidorou. Angelo will be inviting interesting guests to discuss ideas that are often not heard in the mainstream media. For the third episode, Angelo sat down with Comedian Pantelis to discuss comedy and political correctness in 2020.