BREAKING: CNN Makes Blacklist of Trump-Supporters


(thepostmillennial)CNN is taking names of those who have yet to offer their congratulations to Joe Biden as president-elect. The left-wing station broadcast the tally of those Senators, all Republicans, to shame the elected officials for not extending a warm welcome.

“Dear CNN, Can you add me to your list of people who haven’t congratulated Joe Biden yet? I won’t be doing it tomorrow either. And next week looks like sh*t too. Thanks, Dan,” wrote conservative radio host Dan Bongino.

CNN is not the only organization to start making list of those unpalatable GOP politicians who supported President Donald Trump, and still do.

This comes after New York Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez called for a blacklist of “Trump sycophants,” to which the Trump Accountability Project responded that it has been actively archiving the names of individuals who “elected, served, funded, supported, and represented” the president, recorded in an extensive Google Sheets document.

Following Ocasio-Cortez’s rallying cry, CNN’s own Jake Tapper piled on with a warning that Trump aides battling the president’s legal case could see their job opportunities vanish.

On Tuesday, the Lincoln Project doxxed two Trump lawyers and vowed to dox their clients too, to pressure, intimidate, and punish the attorneys. The Never Trump group posted the names and contact information for the two attorneys who are assisting with the president’s legal battles to ensure that every legal vote in Pennsylvania is counted. “Make them famous,” Project Lincoln’s account on Twitter wrote along with a skull and crossbones emoji.