Chelsea Handler: Trump Calling Semiautomatic Guns ‘Entertainment’ Is ‘Grounds For Impeachment’


(Breitbart) – Left-wing talk show host Chelsea Handler said President Donald Trump should be impeached for referring to semiautomatic firearms as “entertainment” for gun enthusiasts in the United States.

According to reports, Trump made this statement during an interview with Piers Morgan, saying, “For some people, it’s entertainment, they go out and they shoot and they go to ranges and they have a tremendous amount of fun.”

Handler responded by saying, “Trump telling Piers Morgan that semi-automatic guns are for entertainment is grounds for impeachment. There are thousands of parents grieving and he calls guns entertainment. I can’t wait to elect a strong leader who has the courage to stand up to the NRA. That will be a leader.”

The reality is that firearms, be they single action, semiautomatic, lever action, or single shot, have been an American hobby and part of this country’s heritage since December 15, 1791 (the day the Second Amendment was ratified). Moreover, semiautomatics are the most popular guns for self-defense applications like concealed carry, because the action of the firearms allows individuals with wrist problems or less overall strength to shoot a larger caliber bullet with less recoil.

Because semiautomatics deliver this advantage they have proven to be extremely beneficial to women and small-bodied individuals seeking a means of self-defense.


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Handler frequently criticizes Trump, Republicans, and the NRA over high-profile gun crimes, even when there is no basis for so doing.

For example, last month Breitbart News reported that Handler blamed Republicans for the Colorado STEM School Highlands Ranch shooting, even though Colorado is a Democrat-controlled state with universal background checks, a “high capacity” magazine ban, and numerous other gun controls.