SHOCK REPORT: Active Bomb Threat – Capitol Hill Evacuated


(Zerohedge) – Update (1200ET): The Capitol Police are preparing to hold a press conference about Thursday’s incident at the site of the bomb threat.

Update (1105ET): NYT reports that police expanded their evacuation to nearby restaurants while also clearing pedestrians from the streets.

A growing number of lawmakers are tweeting their ‘thoughts and prayers’ to the Capitol Police, FBI and others.

Capitol Hill was evacuated Thursday morning after Capitol Police reported an ‘active bomb threat’ near the Library of Congress.

Capitol Police were seen scrambling to the area surrounding the Library of Congress after a suspected explosive device was found in the back of a pickup truck. Just minutes ago, the Capitol Police confirmed.

Agents have been sent to engage with a man in a truck reportedly making threats.

Here’s a rundown of the buildings that have been evacuated so far.

News of the potential explosive marks the first major security incident at the Capitol since Jan. 5 (the day before the ‘storming’ of the Capitol by a ‘pro-Trump’ mob) when pipe bombs were discovered at the headquarters of the DNC and the RNC.

This is a developing story…