BREAKING: Vaccine PULLED After Negative Reaction Reports


(The Post Millennial) – Four healthcare workers who received their vaccine at Advocate Condell Medical Centre in Libertyville IL had negative reactions to them, the ABC 7 reports.

In an incident similar to one that happened in Alaska on Tuesday, the four medical center employees received their vaccines on Saturday. Shortly afterward, they experienced negative side effects including tingling sensations and elevated heartrates, according to ABC 7.

Three of them are now reportedly doing well and have been sent home. A fourth worker was kept in hospital for further treatments.

Over 3000 employees have been vaccinated at this center, all the others without undue negative effects, according to the Chicago Sun Times.

A spokesperson for the medical center said that a halt to vaccinations will temporarily take effect until a root cause is determined for negative reactions.

Vaccinations are also planned to continue according to schedule at other 11 Advocate Condell Medical Centre locations within Illinois and Wisconsin.

Common reactions to the vaccine include soreness at and around the injection sites, along with headache, muscle pain, joint pain, and possible fatigue, chills and fever. Much rarer are stronger reactions like the ones described above.