BREAKING: Tensions escalate as Antifa and Proud Boys clash in Washington DC


(thepostmillennial)As conservatives converged on Washington D.C. from all across the country to protest the results of the election, and to support President Trump, Antifa took to the streets, initiating brawls and assaults on Trump supporters. Violence was met with even more violence as a large group of Proud Boys clashed with the throng of far-left militants.

In one of the clashes, two Proud Boys were apparently stabbed by an Antifa militant. Footage of him being treated by other members of the group, with police in attendance, was posted on social media.

A Black Lives Matter supporter allegedly stabbed two Proud Boys, prompting the group to attack him and force him to the ground, said Tomas Morales who was at the scene.

Standoffs between the two groups continue to take place, as documented by Matt Miller.

The Daily Caller’s Shelby Talcott captured footage of Antifa’s black bloc protesters, who were surrounded by a human blockade of police to prevent clashes with the Proud Boys.

In multiple instances, police intervened to stop fights, notes Brendan Gutenschwager.

Richie McGinniss recorded multiple clashes between the two groups.

Elsewhere in the city, journalist Drew Hernandez took footage of Antifa and Black Lives Matter militants who attempted to blind a citizen journalist with a high powered laser and smacked his recording device out of his hands.

Amid one of the scuffles, Proud Boys grabbed a banner from Black Lives Matter activists.

Matthew Miller documented footage of Antifa attacking police with projectiles.

The chaos continues to unfold.