BREAKING: Protestors Flood Streets, Demand End to Lockdowns


(The Post Millennial) – Anti-lockdown protestors once again took to the streets of Toronto to protest the ongoing restrictions which are destroying businesses and seeing a rise in mental illness. There were two separate anti-lockdown events, with around 500 people in attendance at the Dundas Square event.

Many protestors expressed frustration over being labeled anti-maskers, saying it’s about more than that.

“We’re here to support small businesses and to end the lockdown,” organizer Kelly Anne Wolfe said. “It’s a political agenda, and it’s an attack on our economy, an attack on small businesses, and therefore an attack on our democracy. It’s time people start standing up.”

One protestor, Kyle, feels anger is being directed at the wrong people. “It’s a shame to see all these people coming out and screaming at the cops thinking they can get Doug Ford or Trudeau… they need to start at the bottom of the Jenga pile and go for the person responsible for the divide: Dr. Tam. She’s the one who’s advising all these people.”

A counter-protestor showed up just before the march began. “This pandemic is a terrible thing. It’s awful that businesses are having to shut down, but we all have to do our part and pull together to get rid of this disease. These people are not doing their part.”