BREAKING: ‘Person of interest’ identified in Nashville Christmas bombing as Anthony Quinn Warner


(thepostmillennial)Post Millennial Editor-at-large Andy Ngo tweeted that an identical-looking RV can be found by searching on Google Street View:

“Breaking: An RV can be in the google map search of the address linked to ‘Anthony Quinn Warner,’ the person of interest in the #Nashville Christmas explosion.”

Police have confirmed that Anthony Quinn Warner is indeed the person of interest.

Also, according to the Daily Mail, the FBI is now theorizing that the weird audio recording warning people to evacuate the vicinity may have actually been designed to draw law enforcement officers and other first responders to the scene.


A person (or persons) of interest have been connected to the Christmas morning bombing in downtown Nashville.

The massive explosion shook the downtown area of Nashville at an AT&T building at 6:30am on Christmas morning, injuring three people, allegedly killing at least one other, and leaving millions without phone and internet service.

According to local news outlet News Channel 5 of Nashville at least 41 buildings in the Second Avenue area of downtown Nashville have been damaged in total from the blast, and there is no word on whether internet and phone service will be restored in the affected areas.

The AT&T building affected was apparently a large data center, and the damage was catastrophic, as the RV parked right outside the building apparently had a very powerful explosive device inside.

No other information has yet been made available about who these people might be, if they are being tracked by law enforcement, or possibly already have been apprehended.