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Black woman obliterates Alyssa Milano: ‘You don’t have to be a white supremacist, you can be better’

(NOQReport) – Share the truth Someone call the police (or de-escalation counselor if you live in a leftist city). There’s been an ideological murder.

An unidentified Black woman took to TikTok to respond to the virtue signaling and White privilege on display regularly by actress-turned-activist Alyssa Milano. She pointed out facts and realities about the race war that’s being pushed so vehemently by the radical left, including Milano.

Her words resonated as the video is quickly going viral on social media. She wasn’t rude or ranting against Milano. She simply pointed out the underlying message of nearly everything the Cultural Marxists are pushing. She noted, for example, that the notion that voter laws such as the one in Georgia affect Black voters more is racist because it stipulates that Black voters are less capable of performing simple tasks associated with voting.

According to Wayne Dupree :

The left treats minorities, namely black folks, like absolute trash. And they do it in the name of “helping” them – that way they can actually get away with it.

According to the left, Black people can’t handle protesting on their own, so white liberals need to take over BLM. According to the left, Black people can’t figure out how to show a voter ID at a poll, so white liberals need to step in and “save” them.

It’s some of the most insulting stuff you’ve ever seen and it continues to give white liberals power and keep black Democrats in their “place.” All in the name of “solidarity.”

Listen to every word or read the transcript below the video:

It begins with a clip of Milano preaching on her show. “For those of us who are not Black men, imagine watching the news and seeing how people…”

The response was amazing. “Imaging being a Black man and being told by some White lady with a microphone that you and the criminal on TV are one in the same because you look alike.

“Imagine being told by society that White people can be all that that can be but you as a Black man, the content of your character is completely irrelevant; you are the color of your skin and that is all you will ever be.

“Imagine being told you can’t figure out how to vote because of the color of your skin. Socioeconomics affects everyone but apparently you’re not as smart as the poorest White person.

“Lady, I don’t want to hate you. I’m a 90s kid. I grew up with you so I know you’re very talented. I understand your heart is in the right place, but you are everything you preach against.

“You’re not helping. Your making things worse. You’re causing more division. You’re causing more fear.

“Statistically speaking I am more likely to be shot and killed by my Black, elderly neighbor across the street that the cop who patrols my neighborhood. Statistically speaking, homicide by cop is very rare, but people like you find power in fear so you keep on the front page news.

“You don’t have to be a white supremacist, you can be better.”

It’s important to keep reminding the “woke,” self-appointed White Saviors of poor Black folks out there that their message is extraordinarily racist. This type of ideology massacre should be spread far and wide until more people wake up.


Biden’s Secret Service Arrests Aliens Outside White House……Illegals Demand ‘Total Freedom

(Breitbart) – A group of illegal aliens and open borders activists were arrested on Friday by members of President Joe Biden’s secret service after blocking an intersection near the White House, demanding that Biden give them amnesty to permanently stay in the United States.

A couple of dozen activists affiliated with the open borders organization Movimiento Cosecha sat by a security checkpoint near the White House complex, reportedly delaying Biden’s motorcade, as Secret Service Police officers looked on.

“We are not afraid,” the self-described “comrades” sang. “We will live for liberation because we know why we were made.”

They also chanted in Spanish, demanding “permanent protect for all 11 million” illegal aliens living in U.S.

In a press release announcing the protest, the agitators said they were no longer satisfied with the “crumbs” from the Biden administration, which has included preventing about 9-in-10 deportations through a series of Department of Homeland Security (DHS) orders.

“The current legislation the Democrats are pushing only focuses on a small portion of undocumented immigrants,” group organizer Hector Morales said.

“Even though I would qualify under the current Dream and Promise Act, I am risking arrest today to tell President Biden that I won’t accept piecemeal bills that exclude and criminalize my own community members,” he added.

“I won’t accept these crumbs. We need permanent protection for all.”

A protester denounced Democrats’ “empty promises” and thanked the “allies” for risking arrest.

“Biden originally committed to a pathway to citizenship for all 11 million undocumented immigrants,” organizer Gema Lowe said.

Movimiento Cosecha said Lowe has been living illegally in Michigan for almost 30 years.

“Now he is ready to pursue a ‘piecemeal’ strategy instead that would exclude me and millions of others who have lived in this country for decades. We deserve better,” she declared.

“That is why today I am willing to risk arrest, detention, and deportation to demand papers, not crumbs.”

The White House protest is a precursor to a large one schedule to be held Saturday, or May Day, a popular protest day for far leftists.

Kyle Olson is a reporter for Breitbart News. He is also host of “The Kyle Olson Show,” syndicated on Michigan radio stations on Saturdays-download full podcast episodes . Follow him on Parler .


Video: Average Americans Learn The Truth About Tax Rates & The Rich

(InfoWars) – Filmmaker and activist Ami Horowitz is back with another amazing Man on the Street video where he educates people who think rich Americans don’t pay enough taxes.

To begin, Horowitz asks if wealthy individuals pay their fair share in taxes.

Every person in the video strongly answered with some form of “Hell no!”

Many of the interviewees criticized America, capitalism and our current tax system.

The majority of those interviewed subscribe to the belief that poor people pay a higher percentage of their income in taxes than wealthier citizens.

After allowing them to share their opinions on taxation in America, Horowitz dropped some actual data and the people were astounded.

“Would it surprise you if I said the rich, the 1%, pay 40% of all taxes in America?” he asked.

“It would surprise me,” one man said.

“Interesting. That sounds fair. I need to study up on this more man. I’m not paying attention to actual numbers,” another man admitted.

“You’re telling me that’s a reality?” a woman asked, adding, “I’m shocked.”

Closing out the video, one person noted, “It seems like the bottom could pay a little more!”

Spread this link among your family and friends to help inform others who may be misinformed about America’s tax system.


JUST IN: Huge Covid Vaccine Development for Schools

(NOQReport) – Share the truth Centner Academy, a private school in Miami, has made international headlines for directing its employees who have not yet received the experimental COVID-19 vaccine , to wait until the end of the school year, as a precautionary step to protect the health of their school community, given both concerning new anecdotal reports that the vaccinated can adversely affect the health of the un-vaccinated, and that clinical safety and efficacy data for the mRNA vaccines will not be completed until sometime in 2023.

Article by Sayer Ji from GreenMedInfo .

Thus far, mainstream media reporting has focused and railed against the following statement made by Leila Centner, co-founder and CEO of Centner Academy, to her employees (in an internal email later leaked to the press) as being the most controversial and contestable:

“Tens of thousands of women all over the world have recently been reporting adverse reproductive issues simply from being in close proximity with those who have received any one of the COVID-19 injections, e.g., irregular menses, bleeding, miscarriages, post-menopausal hemorrhaging and amenorrhea (complete loss of menstruation).

“No one knows exactly what may be causing these irregularities, but it appears that those who have received the injections may be transmitting something from their bodies to those with whom they come in contact. Until more is known, we must err on the side of caution when it comes to the welfare of our students and the school team.”

You can read Leila’s entire letter and comment which she posted to Instagram here .

Leila Centner’s private communication, now a matter of global public scrutiny, even reaching the White House press secretary for comment on April 27, came under fire by a number of conventional allopathic physicians, including Dr. Aileen Marty, a physician and infectious disease specialist with Florida International University’s Wertheim College of Medicine, who commented as follows:

“But there’s not one citation, there’s not one physician or scientist whose name is spelled out in there. There’s no references. There’s nothing. There is no scientific evidence provided. Rumor is the only thing that’s there, and if you look at the reality, there’s zero, zero science behind those allegations.

“If they believe it, and they then share this big lie, it has a horrific impact on our entire community.”

While these comments by Dr. Marty, and now hundreds of other mainstream media reports have attempted to dismiss Leila Centner’s statements as a “source of misinformation, without basis in science,” we believe they have significant merit, and are at the least worth exploring further.

Fact #1: Vaccines make some sick. Sick people are more likely to compromise the health of others

Whereas the mainstream media and government health authorities have been dogmatically pushing the unequivocal narrative that the COVID-19 (and all) vaccines are “safe and effective” a priori, it is undeniable that the COVID-19 vaccines are presently only approved for distribution to the public under an Emergency Use Authorization , in lieu of proper clinical safety and efficacy trial data being available, and which are not estimated to be completed until April 2023 for the Pfizer vaccine.

This makes COVID-19 vaccines, by definition, experimental, as Leila Centner has repeatedly offered as an explanation for her precautionary stance as to their unintended, adverse effects they may have to the health and well-being of her school staff, faculty, children and larger community.

Human medical experimentation, as defined by the Nuremberg code of medical ethics (1947) , must not only be voluntary, but the participant needs to be fully informed of both the risks and benefits, in order to be able to give their full legal consent. Also, if the medical experimenter has reason to believe an intervention may cause harm, disability or death he or she must suspend the experiment immediately.

In the case of the experimental mRNA COVID-19 vaccine rollouts, government data reveals the COVID-19 vaccines are having profound, adverse health effects on a subpopulation of recipients, as documented in the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) , which as of April 28, lists a total of 85,926 reports of the vaccinated experiencing adverse effects, ranging from death to hundreds of other symptoms and life-threatening conditions.

Moreover, VAERS is known to be highly ineffective in capturing the true extent of the actual number of vaccine adverse events, due to its highly passive, post-marketing surveillance methodology. Peer-reviewed research indicates that the rate of report capture is as low as 1% for thrombocytopenic purpura (low blood platelet related bleeding disorder) following the MMR vaccine and hypotonic hyporesponsive (bluish skin; reduced consciousness) episodes following the DTP vaccine.

The implication is that the actual scale of adverse effects within the vaccinated, which include immune dysregulation and suppression, may be several orders of magnitude higher than the already alarming scale of events reported through the conservative numbers offered by VAERS – which are almost universally ignored by the very same media attempting to discredit, defame and make an example out of the Centner Academy.

Given that those who are experiencing immune dysfunction as a result of being vaccinated are more likely to express virus reactivation, such as a cluster of cases recently reported for vaccine-induced Herpes Zoster , or may also experience a disrupted microbiome leading the the overgrowth of opportunistic bacteria, fungi, virusess, i.e., so-called “pathogens,” the health risks to those around them may also increase significantly. It should be noted that this phenomenon of vaccine-induced adverse health effects is not solely associated with the COVID-19 or mRNA vaccines.

Greenmedinfo.com has a database of over 1300 studies indicating over 150 potential adverse health effects from vaccines presently in the CDC vaccine schedule. Therefore any vaccine could, in theory, weaken or disrupt the immune system of a vaccine recipient, increasing the likelihood that they may transmit infection or disease-provoking aspects of either their microbiome or cell contents (mediated via extracellular vesicles) to those around them, which will be explained in greater detail in section #3.

Fact #2: The Pfizer mRNA vaccine clinical trial study design warns against proximity (shared air inhalation or skin contact) between vaccine participants and the unvaccinated as a possible vectors of harm

Titled, ” A Phase 1/2/3 Study to Evaluate the Safety, Tolerability, Immunogenicity, and Efficacy of RNA Vaccine Candidates Against COVID-19 in Healthy Individuals ,” the Pfizer COVID-19 mRNA vaccine study protocol document explicitly identifies in section 8.3.5. the need for monitoring what it calls “Exposure During Pregnancy or Breastfeeding, and Occupational Exposure.” A concern they take seriously enough that they require any incident to be reported within 24 hours to the Pfizer Safety system.

According to the document an EDP [environmental exposure during pregnancy] occurs if, for example: “a male vaccine recipient exposes a female partner prior to or around the time of conception.”

Exposure to the study intervention is defined as “inhalation or skin contact,” indicating that physical proximity between the vaccinated and unvaccinated is recognized by the Pfizer study protocol to be a cause for concern for transmission of potential side effects of the vaccine.

The document also gives the following example of an EDP scenario: “A male family member or healthcare provider who has been exposed to the study intervention by inhalation or skin contact then exposes his female partner prior to or around the time of conception.” Clearly, in this case Pfizer is acknowledging that something as simple as a healthcare provider or family member who has been exposed to an mRNA vaccine recipient through “inhalation or skin contact” (i.e., physical proximity) could generate an adverse event and/or affect the study outcomes.

Another example provided in section titled, “Exposure During Breastfeeding,” gives the following example of what constitutes such an exposure:

“An example of environmental exposure during breastfeeding is a female family member or healthcare provider who reports that she is breastfeeding after having been exposed to the study intervention by inhalation or skin contact.”

Finally, in section, an “Occupational Exposure” occurs,

“when a person receives unplanned direct contact with the study intervention, which may or may not lead to the occurrence of an AE. Such persons may include healthcare providers, family members and other roles that are involved in the trial participant’s care.”

Clearly, the Pfizer mRNA vaccine protocol design reveals that concerns for how the vaccinated may adversely affect the health, and even reproductive outcomes, of the unvaccinated simply by being within physical proximity, are being taken extremely seriously by the manufacturer of the vaccine itself. In light of this, Leila Centner’s expressed concerns quoted at the beginning of this article are, in fact, backed by the most authoritative document we have on the experimental vaccine, and the nature of the human experiments being conducted on their behalf.

So far, there has been no acknowledgment or reporting on this fact by the global mainstream media, the vaccine manufacturers nor government health authorities. It will be up to the reader to share this article, and get the word out.

Fact #3: There is a plausible epigenetic molecular mechanism in biology whereby the vaccinated may affect the health status of the unvaccinated

The third major substantiating factor behind identifying the potential harm the vaccinated may have on the unvaccinated concerns the discovery of so-called horizontal information transfer within biological systems mediated by extracellular vesicles, which include a virus-like phenomenon known as microvesicle shedding and/or exosome-mediated transfer of nucleic acids. This falls within the category of epigenetics, which the apologists and shills for the mRNA vaccines’ purported safety and efficacy conveniently ignore in order to make their claim that was debunked in 1970 with the discovery of the enzyme reverse transcriptase.

Reverse transcriptase is able to transcribe RNA to DNA, essentially destroying the fundamental dogma of molecular biology, namely, the undirectional flow of information from the cell nucleus to mRNA to protein can not be reversed. This dogma is still being used half-a-century later to make the false claim that the only health risk a genetically modified vaccine has worth discussing is the possibility that it may affect the structure or function of nuclear, protein-coding genes.

We’ve even seen, through the discovery of exosomes, that the Weismann barrier has been penetrated , and somatic cells can communicate heritable information to the germline cells in what amounts to real-time, essentially devalidating the risk models presently used by vaccine manufacturers and regulators which do not account for the power epigenetic processes have to amplify the unintended adverse effects of genetically modified technologies and interventions.

While mRNA vaccines are designed using genetically modified processes not dependent on live cell substrates, thereby precluding conventional problems with shedding associated with first generation vaccines like the MMR, it is possible that they do, in fact, contribute to microvesicle shedding , which represents an even greater, more persistent threat than live-cell vaccine shedding when it comes to the persistent biological impact the vaccinated can have on the un-vaccinated.

Microvesicle , which range in size between 0.1-1.0 m are a type of extracellular vesicle, that are secreted by many different cell types within the body, both in times of health and disease, and are known to reflect the antigenic content of the cell of origin. They have stunningly similar characteristics to viruses . For instance, like SARS-COV-2 , microvesicles have a lipid bilayer formed from the budding off from host cell membranes, and they can incorporate and reproduce aspects of a vaccinated or infected cells’ immunogenicity, such as including functional mRNA, viral proteins and other nucleic acids capable of profoundly altering the structure and function of the cells to which they are transmitted.

For instance, it is theoretically feasible that a vaccine recipient’s cells expressing COVID-19 spike protein as a result of transfection with mRNA from a COVID-19 vaccine may secrete microvesicles containing components ” originally alien to the cell, such as proteins and nucleic acids that are transiently or constitutively expressed via plasmid or viral vector .” These microvesicles, like viruses, and other extracellular vesicles known as exosomes , can be transmitted to other individuals (inter-individual transmission) through both normal or diseased physiological processes.

Extracellular exosomes have even been found to transfer nucleic acids cross kingdoms (plant > animal, fungal > bacterial), affecting the phenotypic expression of the target species. Therefore, it is plausible that microvesicles can transmit mRNA from a recently vaccinated individual to those within close proximity, and therefore could, in fact, “shed” mRNA and related biomolecules induced from the mRNA vaccination process to non-vaccinated individuals, inducing symptoms similar to those experienced by the vaccinated.

Indeed, microvesicles may have a profound affect on the immune status of those who both produce them, and are exposed to them. A recent study concluded that research “strongly suggests that MVs may function as strong regulators of both innate and adaptive immune systems.” Microvesicles and exosomes have also been researched and developed as vaccine candidates, further indicating that they are already being looked at by the scientific community as potential vectors of immunogenicity and carriers of viral-like and disease-modulating if not also disease-promoting bio-information.

Given the plausible mechanism through which a COVID-19 vaccine recipient’s body produces vaccine antigen (e.g., spike protein), and can package and transmit these antigens through viral-like microvesicles (and perhaps also exosomes) to others, Leila Centner’s statement “it appears that those who have received the injections may be transmitting something from their bodies to those with whom they come in contact,” has a plausible mechanism of action. Especially considering the aforementioned fact that Pfizer’s study protocol itself acknowledges that an unknown factor or mechanism may cause the unvaccinated to be adversely affected by the vaccinated.

Either way, Leila Centner’s decision was made in the spirit of the precautionary principle, and her call for further investigation and information on the vaccines before proceeding with what amounts to a reckless human medical experimentation should not be identified as “fringe,” “irrational” nor “crazy.” To the contrary, the medical establishment and would-be government regulators should themselves be raising the red flag over the tens of thousands of adverse effects that have already been reported to the government VAERS database.

We live in a time and age where protecting our children from coerced and increasingly mandatory medical interventions that carry the risk of death and disability, is perhaps the most important advocacy of our lives. It takes great courage, conviction and love to stand up and make a decision that is in the best interest of your community, and not your bottom line or public relations image. The Centner Academy’s prioritization of the precautionary principle, and Leila Center’s call for more research into the exploding number of adverse events that the mainstream media either ignores or actively covers up, is extremely honorable and worth everyone who follows our work and advocacy getting behind in support.

Please support the Centner Academy through the following actions:

Also, please join us at www.StandforHealthFreedom.com , as we build a grassroots army of millions who believe in informed consent, parental rights, human and medical rights for everyone.

2021 GreenMedInfo LLC. This work is reproduced and distributed with the permission of GreenMedInfo LLC. Want to learn more from GreenMedInfo? Sign up for the newsletter here //www.greenmedinfo.com/greenmed/newsletter .



(Breitbart) – Devin O’Malley, a top aide for former Vice President Mike Pence, told Breitbart News on Friday that Pence is working on merging the Make America Great Again movement with traditional conservative principles by uniting behind a positive agenda going into the 2022 midterms.

Pence gave his first address since leaving office Thursday to the Palmetto Family Council Dinner in South Carolina and has more speeches scheduled, including the GOP House conference fundraiser next week and the Republican National Committee’s annual event later in the year, O’Malley confirmed.

Pence has been careful to give the current administration the “customary time of silence” before launching his charge to further the conservative movement, O’Malley explained, hence waiting 100 days before making his first speech.

O’Malley also told Breitbart News that Pence plans to be hands-on during the midterm elections, pending state redistricting. Pence was previously involved in Rep. Nancy Mace’s (R-SC) 2020 election and will be again in June.

During Pence’s speaking engagements, Pence intends to typify the limited government, pro-family, and religious liberty agenda to withstand the Democrats’ attacks heading into the midterm elections.

In Pence’s first address since leaving office Thursday, he elaborated. “Our agenda clear”:

It is the agenda we just implemented in four years of the Trump-Pence administration built on a strong national defense, secure borders, free-market economics, trade deals that put America first. It is on conservative judges, and it is a movement that is built on upholding all of the God given liberties enshrined in the Constitution of the United States of America.

“It is time to unite behind a positive agenda, built upon our highest ideals to win back America,” Pence remarked. “We have the winning agenda. I have no doubt about it, built on American values and on our confidence in the American people.”

Pence then referenced the previous midterm election of 2010, when Republicans faired well by handily defeating 63 House Democrats, along with retiring Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House. “So I want to encourage you, Ecclesiastes says there is nothing new under the sun. What is now has been before,” he said.

“And I believe [it] will happen again,” Pence exclaimed. “We have the winning agenda, and it is incumbent upon us to take that winning agenda to the American people.”

Pence concluded by quoting former President Reagan’s famous line at the 1976 Republican National Convention in Kansas City.

“He said, this is our challenge, better than ever before. We have got to quit talking to each other and about each other and go out and communicate to the world that we carry the message they have been waiting for it we must go for the premier, united, because there is no substitute for victory.”


WOW: Juror in Chauvin Case SPEAKS OUT

(The Post Millennial) – After serving on the jury of what was perhaps the most publicized case of the decade, a man has spoke out about the experience, hoping his words will make an impact on others.

According to the Wall Street Journal, 31-year-old Brandon Mitchell decided to speak out because “‘staying anonymous wouldn’t help push for change.”

Mitchell, who is a highschool basketball coach, said he “always told his players to follow the checklist his mother gave him during [police] encounters. Take your hat off; announce what you’re doing; be polite; do what you’re told.”

Serving on the jury changed his perceptions, making him see “how wrong it is that a person should be so afraid that a police officer could do them harm that they needed to change their behavior.” Mitchell called that narrative “horrible”, adding that whether or not people follow directions, “they don’t deserve to die.”

The Journal reported that Mitchell admitted to being pulled over many times in his 20’s for “no reason”, and that sitting through the testimony from George Floyd’s brother made him realize that it could’ve easily been him in Floyd’s place.

Mitchell also added that despite the atrocity of the situation, he still felt compassion for Derek Chauvin. “He’s a human too,” Mitchell said. “I almost broke down from that. We decided his life. That’s tough. That’s tough to deal with. Even though it’s the right decision, it’s still tough.”

Chauvin was found guilty on all three counts; second-degree murder, third-degree murder, and second-degree manslaughter.


WOW: Tucker Carlson Actually SAID It… Biden Furious

(Big League Politics) – Fox News host Tucker Carlson snapped back at President-imposed Joe Biden over his suggestion that the Jan. 6 U.S. Capitol demonstration was the worst attack on U.S. democracy since the Civil War.

Carlson suggested that the 1965 Immigration Act, which allowed the third world to flood in and changed the historical demographics of the American nation, may be a worse attack on U.S. Democracy than what happened on Jan. 6.

“How about the immigration act of 1965? That law completely changed the composition of America’s voter rolls to purely benefit the Democratic Party. It seems like kind of an assault on democracy, a permanent one, but no, that was a good thing because in the end it helped Joe Biden,” he said.

The clip can be seen here:

Big League Politics reported about the “moderate radicalism” of Biden’s agenda, which is Orwellian newspeak to cloak his plans to bring about the demolition of America:

“The world leader in fake news, CNN, is going back to their favorite handbook, George Orwell’s “1984,” to promote their favorite illegitimate president Joe Biden.

To pump up Biden’s Wednesday night congressional address, CNN is claiming that Biden will make a proposal for “moderate radicalism,” which is a neologism devoid of any substance. This is an example of classic Orwellian doublespeak meant to confuse and stupefy the masses.

They claim that Biden’s “moderate radicalism” is that the government can be “the multi-trillion-dollar solution that can end the pandemic, equalize the economy and make life better for millions of working people.”

In CNN’s world, America does not owe over 20 trillion in crippling debt with the biggest government mankind has ever known. Biden’s increase of debt and government control is not a continuation of the failed status quo, but rather a new fresh approach to overseeing the nation, according to this laughable propaganda.

“The President is no firebrand ideologue but he’s aiming at more than conquering Covid-19 and the massive jobs crisis it sparked. He is bringing activism and ambition to bear to tackle inequality in an economy that is working poorly for millions of citizens,” CNN wrote about Biden’s agenda, offering nothing other than empty platitudes to describe Biden’s vision.

CNN points to a random statement from Biden, rather than four decades of his record in Washington D.C. in order to paint him as a crusader for the everyman.”

Carlson is one of the few truth-tellers left in America. The Left will undoubtedly try to cancel him once again for telling the truth about democracy and demographics.


The Ugly Truth About Renewable Power

(Zerohedge) – Authored by Irina Slav via OilPrice.com,

When Texas literally froze this February, some blamed the blackouts that left millions of Texans in the dark on the wind turbines. Others blamed them on the gas-fired power plants.

The truth isn’t so politically simple. In truth, both wind turbines and gas plants froze because of the abnormal weather.

And when Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway said it had plans for additional generation capacity in Texas, it wasn’t talking about wind turbines. It was talking about more gas-fired power plants- ten more gigawatts of them .

While the Texas Freeze hogged headlines in the United States, across the Atlantic, the only European country producing any electricity from solar farms was teeny tiny Slovenia. And that’s not because Europe doesn’t have any solar capacity-on the contrary, it has a substantial amount. But Europe had a brutal winter with lots of snow and clouds. Despite the often-referenced fact that solar panels operate better in cooler weather, sub-zero temperatures are far more drastic than cool. This is not even to mention the cloud cover that, based on the Electricity Map data above, did not help.

If we go back a few more months, there were the California rolling blackouts of August that state officials and others insisted had nothing to do with the state’s substantial reliance on solar and wind power. The state’s own utilities commission disagrees.

This is what the California Public Utilities Commission and the state’s grid operator, CAISO, said in a joint letter to Governor Newsom following the blackouts:

‘On August 15, the CAISO experienced similar [to August 14] supply conditions, as well as significant swings in wind resource output when evening demand was increasing. Wind resources first quickly increased output during the 4:00 pm hour (approximately 1,000 MW), then decreased rapidly the next hour. These factors, combined with another unexpected loss of generating resources, led to a sudden need to shed load to maintain system reliability .’

Further in the letter, CPUC and CAISO also had this to say:

‘Another factor that appears to have contributed to resource shortages is California’s heavy reliance on import resources to meet increasing energy needs in the late afternoon and evening hours during summer. Some of these import resources bid into the CAISO energy markets but are not secured by long-term contracts. This poses a risk if import resources become unavailable when there are West-wide shortages due to an extreme heat event, such as the one we are currently experiencing.’

These lengthy quotes basically say one thing-and it is a well-known thing: wind and solar power generation are intermittent, and this intermittency is a problem . This problem continues to be neglected in the mainstream renewable energy narrative with only occasional talk about storage capacity. The reason? Battery storage is quite expensive and will increase the cost of solar and wind generation. Hence the blackout risk as renewable power capacity continues to rise.

‘People wonder how we made it through the heat wave of 2006,’ said CAISO’s chief executive Stephen Berberich last August. ‘The answer is that there was a lot more generating capacity in 2006 than in 2020…. We had San Onofre [nuclear plant] of 2,200 MW, and a number of other plants, totalling thousands of MW not there today.’

In a recent article for Forbes, environmentalist Michael Shellenberger cited both the Texas Freeze and the California August 2020 outages as examples of why there should be less solar and wind capacity added to the grid, not more: because the more renewable capacity there is, the higher the risk of blackouts.

Solar and wind are weather-dependent sources of electricity and, as the events in Texas and California show, they are unreliable, Shellenberger, who is the founder and president of Environmental Progress, a research nonprofit, wrote. He also pointed to Germany, where an audit of the country’s energy transition plans showed that some of the projections were overly optimistic, while others were outright implausible.

People in Germany, like people in California and New York, by the way, are paying more for electricity than people in places that are less dependent on renewable energy. While some may be perfectly fine with paying more for cleaner electricity, not everyone can afford it over the long term. And affordable energy is crucial for civilization, Shellenberger notes .

Affordability is one essential requirement for energy if it is to contribute to the improvement of living standards, even if we take economic growth out of the equation since it appears to be very pass these days amid the fight against climate change. Yet affordable energy is one of the driving forces of equality among different communities across the world. And so is reliable energy.

Affordability and reliability, then, are the two things good energy sources need to be. Solar and wind-unlike hydropower, which is also a renewable source-can only be one of these two things, and that’s if there is no storage included. They can be affordable , as we are often reminded. Yet, sadly, they cannot be reliable .

This means that the more billions are poured into boosting renewable capacity, the greater the risk of further blackouts. Perhaps at some point, if wind and solar become the main sources of electricity, authorities will need to institute planned outages.

The author of this article grew up in the 1980s in Bulgaria – a time when the country’s socialist government exported so much electricity for hard currency payments that blackouts were a part of life. It wasn’t a particularly convenient life, but millions of people lived that way in both Bulgaria and Romania. It’s worth mentioning, though, that back in the 1980s, people were not constantly online. Our energy consumption has soared since then.

To be fair, the limited availability of electricity would have an incredibly positive effect on greenhouse gas emissions. That is, if the limitation comes from the limited amount of energy generated rather than from excessive exports. In the end, from an environmental perspective, an overwhelming reliance on wind and solar, and the planned blackouts that are quite likely to result from this reliance, would go a long way towards the Paris Agreement targets. Of course, it would cost people certain inconvenience and loss of economic-and scientific, and medical-activity. But if priority number one is fighting climate change, then the end must surely justify the means.


Rudy Giuliani Joins Tucker Carlson to Give Details of FBI Raid of His Home

(TreeHouse) – Former New York City Mayor and President Trump attorney, Rudy Giuliani, appears on Tucker Carlson to give the details about the FBI raid on his home yesterday morning. Giuliani notes seven FBI agents knocked on his door at 6:30am with a warrant for “all electronic devices.” Oddly the FBI agents did not want to take the Hunter Biden hard-drives after Giuliani informed them of the content.

Additionally, Giuliani notes the federal government went into his i-cloud account in 2019 during his representation of President Trump against fraudulent impeachment allegations and the FBI did that without a search warrant.


Rudolph Giuliani has authorized Robert J. Costello to release the following statement regarding the events on April 28, 2021:

The Biden department of justice has completely ignored clear evidence (which the FBI has had for over a year) in texts and emails on Hunter Biden’s hard drive of failing to register numerous times as a foreign agent, child pornography, money laundering, and 30 years of the Biden Crime family taking millions and millions in bribes to sell his public offices.

Instead, the Justice Department decided it was a higher priority to serve (at dawn) search warrants for electronics at the home and law office of former Mayor Rudolph Giuliani.

The search warrants involve only one indication of an alleged incident of failure to register as a foreign agent. Mayor Giuliani has not only denied this allegation, but offered twice in the past two years through his attorney Bob Costello to demonstrate that it is entirely untrue. Twice the offer was rejected by the SDNY by stating that while they were willing to listen to anything Mr. Costello had to say, they would not tell Mr. Giuliani or Mr. Costello, the subject matter they wanted him to address.

This contrasts with multiple proven incidences of failure to file as a foreign agent contained on the Biden hard drive which the FBI and the Department of Justice has ignored. You have not seen the home of Hunter Biden raided by the FBI with search warrants. This behavior of the justice department, enabled by a compliant media, running roughshod over the constitutional rights of anyone involved in, or legally defending, former President Donald J. Trump is becoming the rule, rather than the exception. ( read more )



Next On The List Of American Catastrophes? A Western Megadrought

(Zerohedge) – Authored by Robert Wheeler via The Organic Prepper blog,

I’ve written many articles for The Organic Prepper about the coming food shortages . Not just in the United States but all across the world . Food isn’t the only thing that is soon going to be in short supply.

Fresh, clean water appears to be one of the prime shortages facing humanity today. And this problem is only going to get worse in the future. The American West is facing a water crisis not seen since the Great Depression and the Dust Bowl days. Ironic, since we’re also seeing a lot of similarities to the Great Depression , too.

This past year saw drought in the American West deepen

According to research published in the Journal Science , portions of the United States entered the beginning stages of megadrought.

From the Columbia University site:

All told, the researchers say that rising temperatures are responsible for about half the pace and severity of the current drought. If this overall warming were subtracted from the equation, the current drought would rank as the 11th worst detected – bad, but nowhere near what it has developed into.

“It doesn’t matter if this is exactly the worst drought ever,” said coauthor Benjamin Cook, who is affiliated with Lamont and the Goddard Institute for Space Studies. “What matters is that it has been made much worse than it would have been because of climate change.” Since temperatures are projected to keep rising, it is likely the drought will continue for the foreseeable future; or fade briefly only to return, say the researchers.

“Because the background is getting warmer, the dice are increasingly loaded toward longer and more severe droughts,” said Williams. “We may get lucky, and natural variability will bring more precipitation for a while. But going forward, we’ll need more and more good luck to break out of drought, and less and less bad luck to go back into drought.” Williams said it is conceivable the region could stay arid for centuries. “That’s not my prediction right now, but it’s possible,” he said.

If not climate change, what caused the drought in the American West?

MSM, anti-human and anti-progress left are howling that climate change caused the drought. Then again, when are they ever howling any other culprit besides climate change, racism, or COVID?

There are numerous causes for the drought in the American West, some human-made and some natural. Drought may be due solely to, or found in combination with, weather conditions; economic or political actions; or population and farming.

The fact is it is happening. Drought is here. Those of us in the know need to be prepared to deal with it.

The Colorado River is experiencing drought like never before

The Colorado River itself is experiencing a drought that will affect several states and Mexico. It will also affect the food supply, economic production, and land topography throughout the American West.

The biggest reservoir on the river, Lake Mead, has dramatically declined over the past twenty years. It is now standing at only 40% of its full capacity. This summer, Lake Mead is projected to fall to the lowest levels since filled in the 1930s, after the construction of Hoover Dam.

The reservoir near Las Vegas is fast approaching a point that will result in the first-ever shortage declaration by the federal government. That declaration will lead to dramatic cuts in water deliveries to Arizona, Nevada, and Mexico.

Arizona is in line for the most significant reductions under a 2019 agreement aimed at preventing Lake Mead from falling to critical lows.

Colorado River streams are shrinking due to the drought

Streams that feed the river in its headwaters in the Rocky Mountains have shrunk considerably in the past year. The arid soil in its watershed is soaking up the melting snow. The amount of water projected to fall into Lake Powell at the Arizona-Utah state line over the next four months is among the lowest totals in years. (About 45% of the long term average.)

This drought has dramatically worsened in the last year, not only for the Colorado River but across the West. One year ago, about 4% of the West was in severe drought. Now, that number is about 58%. That’s 58% that is in severe, extreme, or exceptional drought.

Wildfires, dying crops, shrinking water supply all potential results of drought

This means that grazing lands are parched, leading some ranchers to sell off cattle and reduce their herds. Some indigenous farmers who rely on rains have seen their crops wither.

In Arizona, officials are warning for the potential for especially severe wildfires as a result. In the Salt and Verde rivers, which supply Phoenix with water, the snowpack was far below average, reducing runoff and shrinking the amount of water flowing into the reservoirs.

Some say there is nothing we can do about the drought

But the Malthusians are hard at work, suggesting Climate Change is killing us all and there is nothing to be done but to live with less.

Tom Buschatzke, director of the Arizona Department of Water Resources, stated:

We might have to learn to live permanently with less than 2.8 million acre-feet of Colorado River water. “the challenge is going to be to find a path forward in which we continue to protect Lake Mead, continue to look at doing what we can do to make the Colorado River more sustainable for lots of different purposes, and to find a plan that is as simple as possible.

“It’s important for people to understand that we’re dealing with not only a limited system but a shrinking system and that that has real implications for water use throughout the Colorado River Basin,” said Anne Castle, Senior Fellow at the University of Colorado Law Schools’ Getches-Wilkinson Center For Natural Resources.

A couple of years back, California restricted water usage intensely. Although Politifact and Snopes tried to label Daisy’s article about this as fiction, it turned out that her article was indeed true. This came to the attention of a reader from South Africa who shared the restrictions of water usage for average citizens there which made California’s restrictions look downright generous.

Drought and other factors likely to lead to citizens begging for water

Whatever the cause or the proposed solution, the fact is the United States will soon be facing a water crisis. The crop shortages and migrations that will come from this shortage are likely to eclipse anything seen in American history.

Additionally, privatizing water resources and the fight over control of water independence could have Americans find themselves as actual peasants. Will we be begging for access to clean, drinkable water from private companies and the government?

In 2021, water is just one more casualty of the Great Reset.