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U.S. Gas Prices Surge to Highest Level in 7 Years Ahead of July 4 Break

(Breitbart) – Gas prices across the United States are at their highest level since late 2014 with shortages predicted in the run up to the Fourth of July holiday weekend.

According to AAA, the national average on Tuesday is about $3.11 per gallon and by this weekend, that figure may rise another nickel.

UPI reports further strains will come when as many as 43.6 million Americans hit the road for Independence Day weekend, which runs from Thursday to Monday, extending a trend that became evident earlier this month as prices ticked upwards.

“Today, 89% of U.S. gas stations are selling regular unleaded for $2.75 or more. That is a stark increase over last July 4 when only a quarter of stations were selling gas for more than $2.25,” AAA spokesperson Jeanette McGee said in a statement Monday.

“Road trippers will pay the most to fill up for the holiday since 2014.”

According to AAA, Mississippi ($2.74), Louisiana ($2.75) and Texas ($2.79) have the nation’s least expensive gas – and it’s most expensive in Hawaii ($4.00) and Washington state ($3.74).

At the same time California ($4.28) is continuing an unwanted trend of being at the top of the national price scale.

Some stations won’t have any gasoline to sell due to a shortage of delivery drivers, according to UPI, with rising demand and distribution bottlenecks also playing a factor in the shortages.

According to AAA, the highest recorded average price was $4.114 in July 2008.


Trump Org And CFO Weisselberg Expected To Be Charged Thursday With Tax Crimes

(Zerohedge) – The Trump Organization and its CFO, Allen Weisselberg, is expected to be charged on Thursday with tax-related crimes , according to the Wall Street Journal , citing people familiar with the matter. Trump himself is not expected to be charged, as we noted earlier this week .

The action by the Manhattan district attorney’s office would mark the first criminal charges against the former US president’s company since prosecutors began investigating three years ago. Weisselberg reportedly refused prosecutors’ attempts to get him to cooperate against Trump, according to the report.

The defendants are expected to appear in court Thursday afternoon.

The Trump Organization and Mr. Weisselberg are expected to face charges related to allegedly evading taxes on fringe benefits, the people said. For months, the Manhattan district attorney’s office and New York state attorney general’s office have been investigating whether Mr. Weisselberg and other employees illegally avoided paying taxes on perks-such as cars, apartments and private-school tuition-that they received from the Trump Organization. -WSJ

According to the report, if prosecutors can show the Trump Organization and its executives systematically avoided paying taxes, more serious charges could follow.

Trump has denied wrongdoing and insists that the case – led by Democrats – is politically motivated, and that the case covers ‘things that are standard practice throughout the U.S. business community, and in no way a crime.’


LAPD Bomb Squad Truck Explodes After Massive Fireworks Stash Ignites

(Zerohedge) – This is some Alanis Morisette-level irony.

More than 12 individuals were seriously injured late Wednesday when an LAPD bomb squad truck exploded while attempting to dispose of a cache of illegal fireworks.

The enormous explosion, which caught the attention of the national press, was triggered by the more than 5K pounds of illegal fireworks confiscated from a home in South LA. One individual was arrested in the raid that led to the fireworks.

In addition to the injured personnel, the explosion also damaged nearby cars and homes.

Seconds before the unanticipated blast, officers on the ground could be seen quickly moving away from the trailer, before another CBSLA officer screamed ‘fire in the hole’!

While the fireworks were illegal, Americans eager for more tamer 4th of July fair might SOL : like with so many other goods, port congestion is causing shortages of legitimate fireworks from around the world.

The LAPD published a statement about the incident on Twitter, saying the exact cause of the incident remains unknown.

LA Mayor Eric Garcetti released a statement on Wednesday night saying he was ‘closely monitoring the situation’ and was ”deeply concerned for those who were injured.’ The LAPD, meanwhile, says it will prosecute anybody involved ‘to the fullest extent of the law.


Red Alert: California BANS Interstate Travel To These States

(BigLeaguePolitics) –

The travel law is known as Assembly Bill 1887 .

“Assembly Bill 1887 is about aligning our dollars with our values,” Bonta said. “Make no mistake: We’re in the midst of an unprecedented wave of bigotry and discrimination in this country – and the State of California is not going to support it.”

Florida, Montana, Arkansas, and West Virginia have recently passed laws that prevent men from playing in women’s school sports.

These lawmakers “would rather demonize trans youth than focus on solving real issues like tackling gun violence beating back this pandemic and rebuilding our economy,” Bonta said.

Lawmakers in 2016 banned “non-essential travel” travel to various states from California for the same reason, citing discrimination against LBGT people. These 12 states were: Texas, Alabama, Idaho, Iowa, Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota, Kentucky, North Carolina, Kansas, Mississippi, Tennessee.

In a statement released Tuesday, West Virginia Attorney General Patrick Morrisey blasted Bonta for including West Virginia on the list of states to which travel will be banned.

“States should not penalize other states because of policy differences,” Morrisey said. “The economic coercion demonstrated by California is an affront to the dignity of other co-sovereign states and amounts to legislating across state borders in an effort to force the radical world view of large states onto those living elsewhere.”

Morrisey continued, defending women’s rights as well.

“And in West Virginia our office will defend the state’s efforts to protect the integrity of women’s sports… Title IX opened many opportunities for girls and women across the Mountain State and beyond. This legislation preserves fair competition. It is simply wrong for other states to exert financial pressure in such a manner.”


CNN’s Jim Acosta Booed At Border After Asking Trump To Apologize For Jan 6th

(InfoWars) – During Donald Trump’s Wednesday visit to Texas’ southern border, CNN anchor Jim Acosta shouted at Trump, asking him to apologize for the January 6th Capitol event.

“Apologize about January 6th sir!” Acosta shouted.

The crowd answered with an emphatic “Boo!” and told the “fake news” reporter to “go home!”

On Twitter, Acosta claimed Trump “did not respond,” to his question, but watching the footage it looks like Donald probably didn’t even hear the journalist’s interruption.


Biden Has Incredibly Awkward Moment, Brings Up Daughter of Israeli President

(conservativebrief)Any time Joe Biden goes off-script, he’s bound to say something outrageous.

The latest example came on Monday when Biden hosted outgoing Israeli President Reuven Rivlin at the White House.

While in the Oval Office, Biden bizarrely brought up Rivlin’s daughter.

Below is a transcript of the exchange:

Biden: “I’m really happy to have President Rivlin here. And I don’t want to — it’s not technically appropriate, but I’m so delighted his daughter is here. She’s in the back right there and I got to meet her and talk about our kids and grandkids and all the like. Anyway, I just wanted to thank the President for being here and for your dedication to strengthening the relationship between the United States and Israel.”

Rivlin: “Thank you.”


This is hardly the first time Biden has made a bizarre comment while in front of the cameras.

Earlier this month at the G7 Summit, Biden forgot to say “at ease” while speaking to the troops so they could sit down after standing to applaud him.

“I keep forgetting I’m president,” Biden said.



It is tough to determine if Biden is a racist or simply does not think before he speaks, or both.

But he did it again earlier this month when he was in Tulsa, Oklahoma to give a speech on race when he said something that, to many, sounded extremely racist.

“Young black entrepreneurs are just as capable of succeeding given the chance as white entrepreneurs are, but they don’t have lawyers, they don’t have accountants, but they have great ideas,” he said.


Back in late May, Biden made a comment to a young girl that many found creepy.

As he was giving a speech at Joint Base Langley-Eustice in Hampton, Virginia, he made a comment about a young girl’s barrettes and how she “looked like a 19-year-old.”

“I’m especially honored to share the stage with Brittany and Jared and Nathan and Margaret Catherine. I love those barrettes in your hair, man. I tell you what, look at her. She looks like she’s 19 years old sitting there like a little lady with her legs crossed,” he said.


Biden scolded U.S. Coast Guard graduates at a commencement speech Wednesday after they failed to applaud part of his speech.

“I can only assume that you’ll enjoy educating your family about how the Coast Guard is, the hard nucleus around the Navy formed in times of war,” Biden said to the graduates as he began his remarks at the U.S. Coast Guard Academy in New London, Connecticut.

When no one erupted in applause, Biden continued, “Why you’re a real dull class. I mean, c’mon man is the sun getting to you? I would think you’d have an opportunity when I say that about the Navy to clap.”

“All kidding aside, being here today is a victory in and of itself, an important mark in the progress we made to turn the tide of the pandemic, and it’s a testament of the military’s sense of responsibility you already embody, so no doubt in my mind the 148th graduating class of the United States Coast Guard Academy will reflect the very best of our country in the proudest positions of our service,” Biden added.



He applauded the graduates as the “most open generation in American history” as he addressed race and equity attempts in the Coast Guard Academy.


Fear Spreads As Another Miami Beach Condo Tower Deemed ‘Unsafe’

(Zerohedge) – Haunted by the recent tragedy in Surfside, some residents of ocean-side apartments in South Florida have been searching for information about the structural integrity of their condominiums. The residents of a Collins Avenue building with prior warnings in Miami Beach said they are horrified about what they found. The fear started after Champlain Towers South, at 8777 Collins Ave., turned into the epicenter of heartbreak and grief on Thursday morning. Some of the residents of the Champlain Towers North and East decided to evacuate.

Days following the incident, two studies on the 12-story residential structure came to light. One was a field study from 2018 by an engineering firm that discovered structural issues. Another study was from 2020 when scientists analyzed satellite data to find the tower sunk in the 1990s.

On Monday, residents at Maison Grande Condominium, an 18-story building with 502 units, built in 1971, were worried about the safety of their building, according to WPLG Local 10 .

Photographs show rusted steel and cracked concrete pillars and ceilings in the parking garage of the building – a similar observation that was observed at Champlain South.

City records show that five inspections determined the building is an ‘unsafe structure.’ Other warnings include the two-story parking garage and pool deck ‘have reached the end of their useful life and require repair, replacement,’ or ‘a combination thereof.’

One city official wrote in late 2020, ‘Structure with evidence of spalling concrete. Need to submit a report signed and sealed by [an] engineer to evaluate the structure together with methods of repairs.’

Near the building’s entrance reads a red sign that warns: ‘unsafe structure’ building violation notice.

Here’s a closer view of the red sign.

Twitter user ‘Billy Corben’ posted a shocking video of the structural deterioration unfolding inside the parking garage of the building.

After his post went viral, he said the condo building association announced a meeting to certify the building for ’50-years.’

So fear grips condo owners of older buildings across Miami. Will there be a point where some residents sell their units for newer ones?


Shock Report: Leftists Siege Biden White House, Block All Entrances

(Breitbart) – A group of activists, flanked by noteworthy Democrat politicians, protested outside of the White House on Monday, demanding the Biden administration adopt an infrastructure plan that prioritizes climate change and blocking every entrance to the White House as part of their demand for action.

Activists from the far-left Soros-funded group the Sunrise Movement marched to the White House on Monday to demand the Biden administration put climate change-related initiatives at the forefront, particularly in terms of the ongoing infrastructure negotiations. According to reports, protesters are blocking every entrance to the White House, demanding Biden heed to their Green New Deal agenda:

Rep. Jamaal Bowman (D-NY) was among the radical left lawmakers who joined activists outside of the White House, demanding the Biden administration “to go big and bold and visionary for our country and for our future and for our planet”:

Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) and Cori Bush (D-MO) also made an appearance, embracing as the crowd of activists cheered.

“What we are here to tell them is that you can’t break this promise to us anymore,” Ocasio-Cortez told the invigorated crowd. “They’re setting up a world that they won’t have to live in. Ok, that’s why this matters. That’s why we fight.”

“As a result of your hard work, we’ve got folks in the Senate, we’ve got folks in the House, not just me, not just like they like to say is a tiny group of the ‘Squad’ … we have a critical mass of people saying no climate, no deal,” she added:

“We have seen dangerous heat events obliterating the northwest in record numbers, and we see that it’s coming up again over the next few days in places where they don’t even have AC,” Rep. Bush said at the event, bringing up other natural disasters such as flooding events in the midwest.

“People are suffering. People are dying because of our problem that society created. Society created the problem, and so society has to fix it,” she added:

The Progressive Caucus appeared to endorse the movement, praising activists for making it clear that lawmakers must “go big, bold, and fast to fight the climate crisis.”

“This infrastructure package must include sufficient funding for climate. There is no time to waste,” the group added:

The protest coincides with an already tense infrastructure debate, as far-left members of the Democrat caucus demand more than just an infrastructure deal.

“It’s as I said. There won’t be an infrastructure bill unless we have a reconciliation bill, plain and simple. … There ain’t going to be an infrastructure bill unless we have the reconciliation bill passed by the United States Senate,” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) said last week:

Her remarks prompted an internal revolt from vulnerable Democrats, and Senate Republicans have warned that the far-left tactics embraced by both Pelosi and President Biden, who is also demanding measures focusing on human infrastructure, could very well blow up the bipartisan negotiations.

House Republican Whip Steve Scalise (R-LA) blasted the far-left demands of his Democrat colleagues, including their desire to thrust climate change initiatives to the forefront of these measures.

He told Breitbart News:

Oh, the idea that they were going to try to use an infrastructure bill to bring forward more social programs and Green New Deal initiatives that would kill jobs and unionizing home health care workers, I think the public revolted against that kind of abuse of power, and it’s one of the reasons that they haven’t been able to bring forward their radical spending and taxing bill.

“So hopefully, the public stays engaged on this, and we get something that’s more rooted in common sense than radical socialist ideas,” he added.


Breaking: Top Pentagon Adviser Warns of Protected Speech Crackdown

(Breitbart) – An adviser to the Pentagon’s Counter-Extremism Working Group (CEWG) is warning the Biden administration’s efforts to purge the military of “extremists” could violate individual First Amendment rights.

Mike Berry, general counsel for First Liberty Institute and Marine Corps reservist, first sounded the alarm in a recent op-ed that said the CEWG is looking to formulate a new definition of extremism that could include constitutionally protected speech. He wrote in the Washington Examiner on June 19:

Instead of monitoring external threats, the Pentagon is on a mission to identify and remove whomever it labels as extremists from America’s armed forces. Ironically, the CEWG has yet to define what it means by ‘extremism.’ Extremism is usually defined as the threat or use of violence to achieve an ideological agenda. But the Pentagon is now poised to expand upon that definition to include constitutionally protected speech. In other words, sticks and stones may break our bones, but words are the biggest threat.

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin set up the Counter-Extremism Working Group (CEWG) in April after vowing to root out extremists and ordering the entire military force to spend a day discussing “extremism.” Since there is no Pentagon definition for “extremism,” Austin tasked the CEWG, led by Bishop Garrison, to come up with a definition and to define activities that would be considered “extremist.”

Berry, who is part of an outside group of experts appointed to help the CEWG, told Breitbart News in a recent phone interview some of the things the group discussed on a recent hour-long conference call were “eyebrow raising or alarming.” He said members of the advisory group are bound by “Chatham House rules” in where they can discuss what was said on the call, but not who said it.

Berry said he asked the CEWG how it intended to define “extremism” and the answer he got was something to the effect of: “We’re still working on that, we’ll probably take the existing definition and expand it.” Berry said that response was “problematic.”

“The existing definition – which has been around for years and has developed really through a law enforcement perspective – it seems to be pretty adequate,” he said. “It sufficiently captures what needs to be captured. And if they want to expand it, they’re really going to expand it to things that have been traditionally protected by the Constitution.”

As Breitbart News recently reported, a senior Biden administration official said on a background conference call with reporters that the Pentagon was working “quite hard” to come up with a definition that “ratchets up the protections but also respects expression and association protections.”

Berry said he was also alarmed by what sounds like a plan to monitor service members’ social media accounts for signs of extremism – which he feels crosses the line between defining extremism by one’s actions – which the Pentagon has said it would stick to – and defining extremism by one’s “thoughts or beliefs.”

“I just don’t know how you can reconcile the Constitution with trying to criminalize someone’s thoughts and beliefs,” he said. Berry added questions were raised about it and there was no adequate answer.

“When somebody asked how does DOD intend to reconcile the social media monitoring with First Amendment issues, the response was, ‘Yeah, we need to figure that out, it’s really complicated.’ So then why are you looking to do it when you haven’t even figured it out, the legality of it?” Berry said.

He said he does not know about any current effort to monitor social media posts and that the group just discussed future plans to do so.

The Intercept recently reported the Pentagon was considering using private contractors to monitor service members’ social media accounts to circumvent First Amendment concerns, but the Pentagon denied the report was true.

In addition, Berry said monitoring social media accounts sounds like an “intelligence collection type activity,” which is problematic since the Defense Department cannot conduct intelligence collection on U.S. citizens.

He revealed one hypothetical discussed on the call for how social media information could be used – if a service member was found to have an “88” tattoo – which could potentially stand for “Heil Hitler,” since “h” is the 8th letter of the alphabet, or refer to something benign, such as someone’s birth year.

Participants speculated that if the service member denied it was linked to white supremacy, social media could be used to “cross-reference” the claim. Berry said the notion that a service member would have to effectively prove his or her innocence was odd.

“The social media monitoring thing really reminds me of what China does with its social credit system,” he said.

Berry said he was also alarmed that a number of questions raised by some of the participants showed they had preconceived notions of who extremists were – namely, white people.

“They would phrase their questions such as, ‘Well, how is this working group going to eliminate white supremacists and white extremists from the military? Isn’t that why we’re really here?’” he said.

Berry said statistics did not show that extremism was a widespread issue in the military:

If you look at the data, over the last five years there have been 21 service members who have been separated for extremist activity. Twenty-one over five years, and yet that’s what they want to focus on. And you have the president saying that white supremacy is the No. 1 threat to national security when…I think we should be focusing our attention and our resources and our energy on China, Russia, Iran, North Korea. Those are quaint old-fashioned ideas now.

“We really need to focus on what unites us,” he said. “True extremists have no place in the military, but it’s fewer than one percent, according to the defense secretary.”

He said the group also discussed the need for more data collection and the creation of a reporting mechanism for extremism cases in the military.

Even for members of the advisory group, details of the inner workings of the CEWG are scarce. Berry said the members of the advisory group do not even know who is on the CEWG, other than Garrison.

Berry said he is not sure how he came to be appointed to the advisory group, and that he did not even know he had been appointed until a reporter called him to ask about it. He also said it seemed he was the only conservative in the advisory group, and one of few who had military experience. He also acknowledged in his recent op-ed that speaking out could result in his removal from the group.

But, he wrote, “I love my country too much not to sound the alarm. And if my love of America is what leads to my removal, then so be it, as long as my discharge papers state ‘discharged for love of country.’”

Asked what advice he would give service members given what he has heard so far, he said would tell them to “be on guard.”

“Watch your back,” he said.


Tucker Claims The NSA Is Spying on Him

(BigLeaguePolitics) – On Monday night Fox News host Tucker Carlson claimed that the Nation Security Agency (NSA) was spying on him, reading through confidential texts and emails in an attempt to get his show off the air.

Carlson began the segment discussing the war on terror, explaining how it has shifted from supposed foreign threats to domestic ones before pivoting to his personal bombshell.

“But it’s not just political protests that the government is spying on,” Carlson said. “Yesterday, we heard from a whistleblower within the U.S. government who reached out to warn us that the NSA, the National Security Agency, is monitoring our electronic communications and is planning to leak them in an attempt to take this show off the air.”

Carlson admitted that he was at first skeptical of the explosive claims, but went on to explain that the whistleblower was able to privately leak conversations of his that nobody other than the intended recipient would have been able to see. According to Carlson, this confirmed that the whistleblower’s claims were true.

“The whistleblower who is in a position to know repeated back to us information about a story that we are working on that could have only come directly from my texts and emails,” he said. “There’s no other possible source for that information. Period. They did it for political reasons. The Biden administration is spying on us. We have confirmed that.”

“It’s illegal for the NSA to spy on American citizens, it’s a crime,” Carlson said. “It’s not a third-world country. Things like that should not happen in America.”

He then claimed that the NSA gathered private information “without [their] knowledge, and did it for political reasons.”

“Only Congress can force transparency on the intelligence agencies and they should do that immediately,” Carlson concluded. “Spying on opposition journalists is incompatible with democracy. They are doing it to us and again, they are definitely doing it to us, they are almost certainly doing it to others. This is scary and we need to stop it right away.”