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Why Is Joe Biden Using Fake White House Sets for Public Events?

(PJMedia) – If you’ve been paying attention to Joe Biden’s recent public broadcasts, you’ve most certainly noticed that they are not actually happening at the White House, but rather on a set designed to look like the White House.

It’s a curious thing, for sure. Naturally, it has us asking various questions, especially: Why?

What purpose is the fake pseudo-White House set serving? For years now, the actual White House has been perfectly adequate, but why is Joe Biden on a specially constructed set in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building’s South Court Auditorium-which is across the street from the White House?

Further adding to the mystery is the fact that the White House hasn’t answered questions on the subject. Surely there must be a perfectly reasonable explanation. Communications upgrades at the White House would be the most believable. Even though there were tech upgrades back in 2016 , the rapid pace of technology advances could easily justify upgrades.

Newsweek claims that the fake set “is being used for White House events that are being broadcast. The area is bigger than the actual Oval Office, and provides an area for journalists.”

Okay, but why is it that this wasn’t common practice for any of his predecessors? Especially given the fact that Biden has been significantly less accessible to the media?

Charlie Spiering, the White House correspondent for Breitbart News, suggests that “it’s easier to do Zoom calls and streaming events here than the actual WH with better lighting and equipment,” but insists that’s just a guess since the White House has been mum on the subject.

But Stephen Miller, a senior advisor to Donald Trump, has a different theory.

“The reason Biden uses this bizarre virtual set for televised meetings-and not an actual room like East Room, Cabinet, Oval, Roosevelt, Sit Room, etc.-is because it allows him to read a script directly from a face-on monitor [& w/out teleprompter glass that can be seen on camera],” Miller posted on Twitter. “And for Biden apologists making the incredibly asinine observation that you can read monitors in other rooms: yes, for formal addresses. WH created this bizarre set-up to create [the] illusion that Biden’s running a normal human *meeting* when he’s actually delivering a scripted text.”

It’s an interesting theory, but Biden isn’t exactly great at reading scripts either, so I’m not sure how much this holds up. Regardless, something bizarre is going on, and we’re not getting an explanation from the White House, which suggests even they can’t come up with a plausible excuse to cover for the truth.


Reporter Just Embarrasses Terry McAuliffe During Heated Exchange on Critical Race Theory

(RedState) – The implosion of Democrat Terry McAuliffe’s gubernatorial campaign is real and the numbers don’t lie.

As we previously reported, since his disastrous debate moment last week where he told Republican nominee Glenn Youngkin that, “I don’t think parents should be telling schools what they should teach,” McAuliffe has not been acting like a guy who up until a few days ago had been consistently ahead in the polls, even fretting on a teleconference call with other Democrats earlier this week over President Biden’s unpopularity in Virginia.

Assisting him in that effort has been Youngkin himself, who released a blistering ad the day after the debate highlighting McAuliffe’s remarks alongside those of concerned Virginia parents who spoke during school board meetings about the sexually explicit content found in public school library books. And instead of backtracking, McAuliffe doubled down in an interview 24 hours later where he said, “You don’t want parents coming in, in every different school district saying this is what should be taught here and this is what should be taught there.”

Here we are a week and a half out since that debate, and in the midst of Youngkin closing the gap with McAuliffe in post-debate polling, McAuliffe is still doing himself no favors as evidenced by what turned out to be a heated exchange between himself and a local reporter during a roundtable discussion Thursday night on the question of Critical Race Theory being taught in public schools:

When [reporter Anita] Blanton questioned McAuliffe about CRT, he called it a “dog whistle” that’s dividing people but wouldn’t define what he believes it means.

“Anita, it is not taught here in Virginia,” McAuliffe said.

“But how do you define it?” Blanton pressed.

“Doesn’t matter. It’s not taught here in Virginia. So I’m not going to spend my time. I’m not going to even spend my time because the school board and everyone else says it’s not taught. It’s racist. It’s a dog whistle,” McAuliffe said.

“But if we don’t have a definition, how can we say it’s racist?” Blanton pressed again.

McAulliffe never did define it.

Watch a clearly flustered McAuliffe get upstaged and embarrassed below:

For starters, accusing parents who are concerned about the implementation of CRT of being “racists” is not going to go over well considering Virginia has become one of the nation’s hot spots in the fight after CRT, with parents showing up to school board meetings angrily confronting school board members who lie to their faces when they tell them they have no plans to implement CRT are an alternative version of it in classrooms.

Secondly and just for the purposes of discussion let’s say it wasn’t being taught in Virginia (whether under the “CRT” banner or a deceptive one with the same underlying message). It doesn’t matter, because it’s obviously become a source of contention and concern for parents, and McAuliffe has an obligation to weigh on whether or not he would support the implementation of it in Virginia public school classrooms.

He chose not to last night, and instead decided to further insult and demean parents over the issue by referring to them as racists. And good on Blanton for dunking on McAuliffe on how if in his view we don’t have a definition how can he describe opposition to it as “racist.”

As I said earlier, McAuliffe is behaving like a guy who is on the ropes in this campaign, not someone who was ahead by a polling average of between 4 and 5 points before last Tuesday’s debate. It’s been a remarkable turn of events in a short amount of time, and with just a few weeks to go between now and Election Day, if he doesn’t get it together he may be in for a big surprise on November 2nd.


Energy Crisis May Unleash Winter Blackouts Across US, Insider Warns

(Zerohedge) – The energy crisis that is rippling through Asia and Europe could unleash electricity shortages and blackouts in the U.S., according to Bloomberg .

Ernie Thrasher, CEO of Xcoal Energy & Resources LLC., told energy research firm IHS Markit that U.S. utilities quickly turn to more coal because of soaring natural gas prices.

‘ We’ve actually had discussions with power utilities who are concerned that they simply will have to implement blackouts this winter ,’ Thrasher warned.

He said, ‘They don’t see where the fuel is coming from to meet demand ,’ adding that 23% of utilities are switching away from gas this fall/winter to burn more coal.

With natgas, coal, and oil prices all soaring is a clear signal the green energy transition will take decades, not years . Walking back fossil fuels for unreliable clean energy has been a disaster in Asia and Europe. These power-hungry continents are scrambling for fossil fuel supplies as stockpiles are well below seasonal trends ahead of cooler weather.

A similar story is playing out in the U.S., where increased demand for coal might not be reached by mining companies. We noted Thursday morning that boosting output might be challenging due to years of decommissioning mines to reduce carbon emissions and transition the economy from fossil fuels to green energy. There’s also been a steady decline of miners over the last three and a half decades.

‘That whole supply chain is stretched beyond its limits,’ Thrasher said. ‘It’s going to be a challenging winter for us here in the United States.’

Utility company Duke Energy Corp.’s Piedmont Natural Gas unit, covering North and South Carolina customers, warned power bills this winter are set to rise due to high natgas prices and low production.

A pure-play coal company that is already benefiting from the demand surge and rising prices is Peabody Energy Corporation. As cooler weather fast approaches, the company may see increased demand for its thermal coal that utility companies use to produce electricity. On a technical basis, a so-called bullish ‘golden cross’ was just triggered.

The troubled green energy transition gives the fossil fuel industry new hope, especially ‘Making Coal Great Again.’


Google Ordered To Track People Who Enter Certain Search Terms

(UncleSam) – Have you ever just thought about something and entered the thought for an internet search? Could your curiosity put you in the middle of an investigation? Even the ACLU is sounding the alarm over a new practice to find people’s IP addresses when they conduct searches. Google was served with a tactic called keyboard warrants, according to the Washington Examiner. And according to the article, federal investigators have been doing it in secret. Yahoo and Microsoft have also received such warrants. Are the search terms they’re looking for specific enough to keep ordinary internet surfers safe?

In an attempt to track down criminals, federal investigators have started using new “keyword warrants” and used them to ask Google to provide them information on anyone who searched a victim’s name or their address during a particular year, an accidentally unsealed court document that Forbes found shows.

Google has to respond to thousands of warrant orders each year, but the keyword warrants are a relatively new strategy used by the government and are controversial.

Washington Examiner Reporter Nihal Krishan

The problem here comes with the government’s definition of “criminal.” As we’ve seen over the past 10 months, the government has its sights set on a whole lot of ordinary folks whose only crime is not agreeing with the government. Will they be searching for the bad guys or will they start to use such keyboard warrants to attack regular citizens? The Daily Mail reported on this situation regarding police hunting for criminals around the same time last year, It’s far more concerning if the feds are using it.

FORBES accidentally came across mention of the keyboard warrants in a review of a search warrant that referenced checking anyone who searched for an assault victim’s name address and phone number in Wisconsin. But Forbes found other examples as well, with broader requests.

The latest case shows Google is continuing to comply with such controversial requests, despite concerns over their legality and the potential to implicate innocent people who happened to search for the relevant terms. From the government’s perspective in Wisconsin, the scope of the warrant should have been limited enough to avoid the latter: the number of people searching for the specific names, address and phone number in the given time frame was likely to be low. But privacy experts are concerned about the precedent set by such warrants and the potential for any such order to be a breach of Fourth Amendment protections from unreasonable searches. There are also concerns about First Amendment freedom of speech issues, given the potential to cause anxiety amongst Google users that their identities could be handed to the government because of what they searched for.

“Trawling through Google’s search history database enables police to identify people merely based on what they might have been thinking about, for whatever reason, at some point in the past. This is a virtual dragnet through the public’s interests, beliefs, opinions, values and friendships, akin to mind reading powered by the Google time machine,” said Jennifer Granick, surveillance and cybersecurity counsel at the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU). “This never-before-possible technique threatens First Amendment interests and will inevitably sweep up innocent people, especially if the keyword terms are not unique and the time frame not precise. To make matters worse, police are currently doing this in secret, which insulates the practice from public debate and regulation.”

Thomas Brewster at Forbes

Accidental releases of keyboard warrants only came to the attention of the government when Forbes asked them to comment. Which means they have been conducting such things in secret for a while now. They quietly resealed the warrants after the media contacted them. You can read the orders in question in the Forbes article. Google claims that it has protections for users in place when it responds to the warrants, as does Microsoft and Yahoo. But since they have to respond to the warrants, are their “protections” good enough?


1,400 Unvaccinated Workers Fired by New York Health Care System  

(Zerohedge) – Authored by Zachary Stieber via The Epoch Times,

A large New York health care system on Monday said it fired 1,400 workers because they declined to get a COVID-19 vaccine.

Northwell Health terminated approximately 2 percent of its workforce, which spans across New York City, Westchester, and Long Island.

The workforce across the 23-hospital system is now 100 percent vaccinated, the system told news outlets in a statement.

“Northwell believes that having a fully vaccinated workforce is an important measure in our duty to protect the health and safety of our staff, our patients, and the communities we serve,” the health care system said.

“This allows us to continue to provide exceptional care at all of our facilities, without interruption and remain open and fully operational.”

” Northwell regrets losing any employee under such circumstances, but as health care professionals and members of the largest health care provider in the state, we understand our unique responsibility to protect the health of our patients and each other. We owe it to our staff, our patients, and the communities we serve to be 100 percent vaccinated against COVID-19,” it added.

A spokesperson did not immediately respond to a request for comment on whether any religious or medical exemptions were granted.

Madison Square Garden displays the Northwell Health Hope Tracker in New York City on April 25, 2020. (Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images)

Health care workers in New York were ordered by Gov. Kathy Hochul, a Democrat, to get a COVID-19 vaccine. A legal challenge was partially dismissed late last month except for those seeking a religious exemption. Additionally, President Joe Biden’s administration plans on releasing a new nationwide requirement for employers who have 100 or more workers to mandate a vaccine or weekly COVID-19 testing.

Thousands of unvaccinated health care workers were placed on unpaid leave last week due to Hochul’s mandate. The situation led to some disruptions. Strong Memorial Hospital, for instance, said it was pausing some elective procedures for two weeks.

Northwell workers fired because of their refusal to get vaccinated were being denied benefits like employer contributions to retirement plans, The Epoch Times previously reported .

John Trinchino, a registered nurse, told The New York Times he was fired from his job at Staten Island University Hospital, which is part of Northwell, last week.

Trinchino said he didn’t agree with the vaccine mandate because he had recovered from COVID-19. Studies show people who recover from the disease, which is caused by the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus , enjoy similar protection against later infection than those who are vaccinated.

“All this is going to lead to is worse care for the patients, and I’m just disgusted by it,” he said.

Northwell workers protested against the mandate on the day it went into effect, arguing it violated people’s freedoms. [ delete ]

Karen Roses, a patient care technician at a Northwell hospital in Riverhead, New York, told The Epoch Times that she knew her refusal to get a vaccine could mean she loses her job, but said she’s “not going to be bullied or pressured [by] anybody for any reason.”

“It’s not an anti-vaccine statement. It’s a freedom of choice statement,” she said.


Biden Unleashes FBI Gestapo to Terrorize Parents Opposed to Critical Race Theory

(Breitbart) – His Fraudulency Joe Biden’s attorney general has just announced that the FBI will be engaged to terrorize parents who oppose left-wing school board policies.

All around the country, parents have been speaking out and protesting against several absurd and destructive school board policies that have been put in place to damage, sexualize, and indoctrinate innocent children.

Chief among these policies is Critical Race Theory, which teaches children to be racists and that white people are inherently dangerous oppressors due to their skin color.

Parents are also opposed to anti-science mask mandates. Although nothing in the science supports the idea that forcing kids into filthy masks all day long does anyone any good, these fascist school boards are still imposing these mandates.

Then there’s the sexual nonsense, where kids are indoctrinated with a bunch of perversion about how men can magically transform into women, where kids (who are still minors) are taught about homosexuality and abortion and given sexual writing assignments.

Unfortunately, too many of the government-run schools in this country have become breeding grounds for mentally ill educators desperate to force their warped political agendas and neuroses on our children. And now that parents have had enough, the same Joe Biden who just yesterday said that being harassed and filmed in a public restroom is ” part of the process ” of being an elected official (school boards are elected officials), is now unleashing his FBI Brownshirts on parents who have the audacity to want a say in how their child is educated:

Days after a national organization representing school board officials lamented to the Biden administration about “hate groups” intimidating education officials, Attorney General Merrick Garland has directed the FBI to combat “threats of violence” against administrators.

Without citing specific cases, in a memorandum issued on Monday, Merrick Garland expressed concern about a “disturbing spike in harassment, intimidation, and threats of violence against school administrators, board members, teachers, and staff who participate in the vital work of running our nation’s public schools.”

The critical thing here is that Biden does this without citing even one instance – just one – where someone was harassed or threatened.

Moreover, even if that was the case, this is not a federal matter. This is a local matter. Thus, the feds have no jurisdiction in local criminal matters.

But the goal here is obvious: to criminalize not only dissent and peaceful protest but to criminalize daring to disagree with the fascist, narcissistic left-wing maniacs who have seized control of government-run schools.

This is also about using the federal government to chill free speech, to scare and intimidate parents away from speaking out. And it will almost certainly be used to harass those parents who do speak up.

The other tactic here is that Biden is hoping to inflame the situation. Using the FBI in this unlawful and un-American manner is meant to anger and provoke people into misbehaving, which is what the fascist Biden regime wants.

Nothing would make Biden and the Hitler Youth at the FBI happier than an incident that would allow them to crack down even harder on everyday parents who don’t want their children taught to be racists.


PA Democrat Preps Forced Vasectomy Bill in Response to Texas Pro-Life Law

(Breitbart) – A Pennsylvania state representative announced he is going to introduce legislation that would force men to get vasectomies within six weeks of having their third child or their 40th birthday, “whichever comes first.”

State Rep. Christopher Rabb (D) is creating the bill in response to the Texas Heartbeat Act, a pro-life law that was just enacted in the Lone Star State and bans abortions once a fetal heartbeat is detected. Leftists have been outraged since the law went into effect, and many claim Republicans made the law to control women’s bodies – including Rabb.

“As we head toward climax on this heated discourse around this delicate matter, we should come together to address it with surgical precision. We must also commit to mending the social fabric being sliced up by bitter acrimony,” Rabb said in an October 2 memo to all Pennsylvania House members. [Emphasis added]

“In order to improve public health outcomes and release sweet justice into our households and bedrooms, we must wrap our love of individual liberty in the moral imperative of greater personal responsibility and acknowledge men’s essential role in procreation,” he continued.

Thousands of demonstrators march outside the U.S. Supreme Court during the Women’s March in Washington, Saturday, Oct. 2, 2021. (AP Photo/Jose Luis Magana)

Making a play off the Texas law, his bill would “empower Pennsylvanians” to enforce the law by offering a $10,000 reward for reporting to the “proper authorities those scofflaws who have not complied with this statue within the allotted timeframe.” In the Texas law, any person can sue any abortion provider who kills an unborn child after six weeks of gestation, and any person can sue anyone who aids or abets in an illegal abortion. The person being sued must pay the person doing the suing at least $10,000 per illegal abortion they perform or assist.

Rabb also included woke gender terms in his announcement, asserting the biological falsehood that people besides women can become pregnant.

Rep. Chris Rabb speaking to the press, calling PA law enforcement reform bills “new laws that make progress in keeping every Pennsylvanian safe.” (Governor Tom Wolf/Flickr)

“As long as state legislatures continue to restrict the reproductive rights of cis women, trans men and non-binary people, there should be laws that address the responsibility of men who impregnate them,” he said. “Thus, my bill will also codify “wrongful conception” to include when a person has demonstrated negligence toward preventing conception during intercourse.”

Rabb also tweeted the announcement and noted that his forthcoming legislation is inspired by Illinois state Rep. Kelly Cassidy (D), who, according to the Pennsylvania House Democratic Caucus, introduced a similarly structured bill related to domestic violence.

“The bill introduced by Cassidy in Illinois would allow a person to bring a civil action against anyone who commits an act of domestic violence or sexual assault, as well as anyone who causes an unintended pregnancy or any person who enables those acts,” the caucus said in an October 4 statement.

The caucus also said Rabb’s proposed legislation is a “parody” meant to “highlight gendered double standards regarding reproductive rights.” Rabb said he has received threats since he made the announcement.

“Within hours of its circulation of this memo, I have received some of the most hateful and threatening emails and voicemails over my five years in office,” Rabb said. “But I have also received the affirmation and support of people in and far beyond my district who hold reproductive rights sacrosanct – not to mention people who see the value in satire to raise awareness around serious issues such as this.”

Republican state Rep. David Rowe was horrified to read what Rabb had proposed, saying the policy seems more like it belongs in “Communist China.”

BREAKING: House Democrat Introduces Forced Sterilization/Three-Child Limit Bill If there was any doubt that today’s…

Posted by PA State Rep. David Rowe on Saturday, October 2, 2021

“If there was any doubt that today’s progressive left have utterly and completely disregarded your personal medical freedom, then let this be the nail in the coffin,” he said in part in a Facebook post.

“This bill will never see the light of day as long as Republicans control the House, but I wanted you all to be aware how quickly policies that belong in Communist China would become the norm here if Democrats seized total control of State Government,” he concluded.

Rabb is not the first politician to propose forced sterilization in response to pro-life legislation. In 2020, Alabama state Rep. Rolanda Hollis (D) introduced legislation that would have mandated that “every Alabama man to undergo a vasectomy within one month of his 50th birthday or the birth of his third biological child, whichever comes first,” according to a report from Alabama-based Yellowhammer News. Hollis’s legislation was viewed by some as a response to the 2019 state passage of the Human Life Protection Act.


Top Secret CIA Cable Admits ‘Dozens’ Of Agents Abroad Are Being Captured, Killed

(Zerohedge) – It was revealed this week in a bombshell New York Times report that the CIA has raised the alarm with all its overseas stations and officers that an unusually high number of US informants are being captured and executed abroad . There are ‘dozens’ of such instances, according to an agency memo.

The report is an incredibly rare instance of the media getting hold of a fresh, very recent highly classified memo that’s also sure to be embarrassing for the agency. ‘The message, in an unusual top-secret cable, said that the CIA’s counterintelligence mission center had looked at dozens of cases in the last several years involving foreign informants who had been killed, arrested or most likely compromised ,’ the NYT writes .

‘Although brief, the cable laid out the specific number of agents executed by rival intelligence agencies – a closely held detail that counterintelligence officials typically do not share in such cables.’

The cable warned its officers across the globe against put ‘mission over security’ – which it strongly suggested was a key cause that’s leading to poor tradecraft, putting agents at risk. ‘Agents’ in this context means foreign and local assets recruited by the CIA to spy in their home countries, a dangerous endeavor which puts all the risk on the foreign person (and their family) who feeds sensitive information to their CIA handler.

The cable also cited the growing capabilities and awareness on the part of foreign and rival agencies of US intelligence’s methods. According to the NY Times synopsis of what’s in the top secret memo:

The cable highlighted the struggle the spy agency is having as it works to recruit spies around the world in difficult operating environments. In recent years, adversarial intelligence services in countries such as Russia, China, Iran and Pakistan have been hunting down the CIA’s sources and in some cases turning them into double agents .

Especially the growing biometric technology deployed by China is seen as a serious problem for maintaining local assets’ cover.

The report continues by spelling out, ‘The large number of compromised informants in recent years also demonstrated the growing prowess of other countries in employing innovations like biometric scans, facial recognition, artificial intelligence and hacking tools to track the movements of CIA officers in order to discover their sources.’

Though this wasn’t addressed in the cable, there’s also the possibility of leaks and the question of double-agents gaining compromising material, further exposing other assets.

The NY Times report further quotes former CIA operatives who described a somewhat flawed internal system and bureaucracy that’s set up to reward ambition but not recognize when officers prudently exercise restraint. Promotions are often handed out to operatives who recruit the most agents abroad.

One former CIA operative, Douglas London, told The Times , ‘No one at the end of the day is being held responsible when things go south with an agent.’ But of course in general it remains that few if anyone are ever held accountable for failures when it comes to Washington’s massive national security state bureaucracy.


Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen defends Biden administration’s plan to surveil Americans’ bank accounts

(InfoWars) – According to proposals from the Biden administration, banks would be forced to provide aggregate credit and debit figures to the IRS every year, and the idea would apply to all bank accounts having at least $600 in balance or at least $600 in transactions.

We covered the controversial bank surveillance proposals in more detail here .

On Tuesday, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said she supported the plan. When asked about the new surveillance that many Americans feel is a violation of privacy, Yellen informed CNBC’s Squawk Box co-host Andrew Ross Sorkin that the “collection of information is routine.”

Yellen blamed the proposed tax hikes and information collection on the “enormous tax gap” in the United States, citing the difference in regions where income details “can be hidden.” She also argued that the collection would assist in closing the tax gap, stating that, “It’s just a few pieces of information about individual bank accounts, nothing at the transaction level that would violate privacy.”

From the interview:

“…there’s an enormous tax gap in the United States, estimated at $7 trillion over the next 10 years in terms of the shortfall of tax collections to what we believe are owed, and that, that’s not coming from people failing to report wage income or dividend income where there’s good information.


Fauci’s Comments Are Awful, but Why Are Media Outlets Asking These Questions?

(RedState) – Yesterday, a lot of people were still talking about Dr. Antony Fauci’s statements on COVID-19 and gathering at Christmas. Our Townhall Media colleague and Fox News radio host Guy Benson, in the second hour of his show yesterday, had a pretty good takedown of Fauci’s past and current statements, how he’s waffled on talking points in the past, and how he’s just been entirely unhelpful through the bulk of this crisis.

But the thing is, Fauci’s behavior is absolutely a known quantity. He is a bureaucrat in a health department position who likes to make media appearances. He is, at this point, a lobbyist for government control over health decisions. He previously had said he didn’t believe there would be a need for a vaccine mandate and now he thinks it’s not so bad. The change came when people weren’t doing what he thought was right and that government needed to be more forceful on the issue.

He is addicted to praise from friendly media, and he is unwilling to admit when he’s wrong or when he’s overstepped. Yesterday’s clarification of his remarks didn’t help in any way except to show that someone thought he messed up and wanted him to fix it.

Yesterday, I responded to Fauci’s hypochondria with the seriousness I felt it deserved. The more serious matter, though, is with our mainstream press, which is insistent on extending this crisis as long as possible.

There was absolutely no reason to ask the question of Fauci. It isn’t news, it isn’t based on any scientific data of worth, and it doesn’t actually help motivate people to get vaccinated or take up mitigation efforts. It simply exhausts whatever audience they are attracting at this point, almost all of whom are ready to get on with their lives.

The scientific community has been churning out whatever data fits the moment. The longest-running trends are often the ones that get pushed to the side – that children are still less likely to get and spread the virus, that those most at risk are older or have co-morbidities, that schools are not grounds for major spread, that this appears to be more seasonal than behavioral, etc. – while the short-term surges and spikes are hammered away at in headlines and stories.

But the panic does not match the reality, and the panic is only serving news outlets in desperate need of padding their bottom line. Media organizations run these overblown headlines on the virus, tout anecdotal stories, and make sure to hype up every breakthrough or atypical case to the point that people are just shrugging and saying “If we get it, we get it.”

It’s not a right-wing problem. It’s not a partisan problem. It’s a very online problem. You see a lot of people online talking about their vaccine hesitancy, their atypical cases, or their conspiracy theory, and you attribute it to a political agenda rather than looking at the larger picture: Your own coverage has depressed vaccination rates.

It’s the exact same thing that happens during election cycles. You run ads to pump up your guy for a bit during the primaries, but during the general or the run-off, you run a ton of negative ads hoping to get their people to stay home and not vote. When you run a bunch of negative stories about how breakthrough cases are happening to a lot of people (and the rates aren’t really that high or the cases are not serious at all, when you use the vaccine to attack people and call them stupid, and when your talking point is “We have to protect the vaccinated,” you’re just depressing the vaccination rate. You’re hurting your own agenda.

Fauci’s answer on Christmas was beyond stupid and his clarification wasn’t much better. But only a media that has a financial and political stake in extending the COVID-19 crisis would even ask the question in the first place. There was no rhyme or reason for it, but here we are.