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Breaking: Kamala Harris Releases THE Report

(AmericanThinker) – After months of dithering, Kamala Harris has released her long-awaited report on her migrant-surge strategy, an 18-page report with all the “root causes,” with a thud .

In Central America, the root causes of migration run deep-and migration from the region has a direct impact on the United States. For that reason, our nation must consistently engage with the region to address the hardships that cause people to leave Central America and come to our border.

That’ll solve the monster surge which is now coming over our border?

So she wrote in her ‘ cover letter ‘ which didn’t include a press conference.

This report comes as the border has skidded from crisis into chaos , with New York Post op-ed contributor John Daniel Davidson writing :

U.S. Border Patrol agents in Texas’s Rio Grande Valley arrested more than 20,000 migrants just last week, including 6,000 over the weekend, adding to the more than 1.1 million apprehensions so far this fiscal year.

We haven’t made that many arrests on the southwest border since 2006, and there’s still three months to go. At this rate, the Biden administration will break the record for border arrests set in 2000.

It’s a long menu of nation-building measures, basically, building the wretched countries of Central America from the ground up with a heavy U.S. hand, and includes more than a hint of regime change:

Here’s just one of her five big “pillars” of action for starters:

Strengthen democratic institutions to improve governance and rule of law.

The United States will work with countries to promote reform agendas across all branches of government so government better serves all citizens. This will include a focus on adequately resourcing judicial and oversight institutions, ensuring their independence, and promoting reform of personnel selection and retention processes.

Strengthen the independence of the justice sector. The United States will promote a merit-based, independent process for nomination and selection of justice and oversight officials, and establish anti-corruption norms limiting immunity of officials from prosecution and banning candidates for office with disqualifying criminal records. We will promote adequate funding of justice institutions so they have the resources to serve the country.

Promote transparency. The United States will work with partners to promote transparency in electoral systems through reform and enforcement of electoral campaign finance rules and open list systems to allow for direct representation. We will empower independent audit and oversight institutions to monitor use of public funds, and promote transparency in government processes, including open government mechanisms and the promotion of open data. We will explore how to leverage the concept of “vetted units” to bring trusted actors into key roles in oversight bodies, including in legislative committees.

Improve efficacy of legislative branches. The United States will work with partners to root out corruption in legislative branches and improve the transparent and efficient functioning of those bodies.

Empower public and private sector actors. The United States will partner with civil society and independent media so they have the tools, knowledge, and networks needed to safely identify government neglect and abuse, raise awareness, and demand accountability. We will partner with the private sector to advocate for necessary reforms and regulations to promote transparency

Basically, they plan to pick and choose El Salvador’s, or Honduras’s or Guatemala’s justices based on their leftist standards, which doesn’t sound too democratic. Establishing anti-corruption norms? Banning certain candidates from office? Do they run the legislatures of these places? They don’t say by what authority they get to do this. Oh, and they plan to fund these countries’ departments of justice, just so you and they know.

As for transparency, they plan to decide who the “trusted actors” will be in government oversight bodies, which won’t go over well with the locals.

Improve the efficacy of legislative branches? Maybe they should think about what’s going on at home.

As for partnering with NGOs on certain reforms they want, the Soros bunch is rejoicing. Who the heck picks these people and why is this better than having Central Americans do it themselves?

That’s just one point, and there are four others, it’s a study in nation-building that seems to think that this can be done without military intervention, maybe just a little rigging and money-flinging, same as is done at home. And it includes several hints at regime-change.

And as the report notes, the project certainly is not going to be done quickly :

Ultimately, our Administration will consistently engage in the region to address the root causes of migration. We will build on what works, and we will pivot away from what does not work. It will not be easy, and progress will not be instantaneous, but we are committed to getting it right. Because we know: The strength and security of the United States depends on the implementation of strategies like this one

Which won’t do much for the chaos at the border, which is seeing a migrant surge go up like a rocket. That point is noted in Karen Townsend of HotAir’s excellent piece here .

It also comes against Harris’s previous statements and acts which are about enabling illegal immigration — we don’t want you to come, but if you choose to come…

Specifics of that I’ve written about earlier — from bringing in companies to set up remittance services in Central American countries, to meeting with some of the most militant open-borders activist groups on the planet on her supposed border tour in El Paso, Texas, all of which are likely to encourage illegal immigration rather than stanch it.

The scope of course is limited to just three countries, at this point, the surge involves more than a hundred countries, which renders the report limited at best if not useless.

The bottom line here is that this isn’t about root causes, it’s about nation-building, from people who never asked for it. And with the per capita salary of a national from Honduras running in the $1,000 a year range, any job in the U.S., including a bad one, is going to raise that salary at least tenfold, which is the real factor behind the surge. She barely touched on that amid all this talk of nation-building.

Sound impressive? Only perhaps to George Soros.


Surgeon General: Mask Mandates ‘to Protect the Vaccinated’

(Breitbart) – On Thursday’s broadcast of CNN’s “AC360,” Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy said that localities like Los Angeles County that are bringing back mask mandates are doing so “to protect the vaccinated,” and to prevent the unvaccinated or vaccinated people with breakthrough infections from transmitting to others.

Murthy stated that he hopes people are “recognizing that they can get protection if they get vaccinated.”

He later added, “The guidance they issued a few days ago, we specifically asked individuals in areas where there’s high or substantial transmission to put their masks back on when they’re in public indoor spaces. That was intended to reduce transmission, recognizing that some breakthrough cases can actually end up transmitting infection, and particularly for people like me and you, Anderson, and other parents out there who have unvaccinated kids at home, that extra layer of precaution will help us protect the vulnerable at home. But localities, like L.A. County and others that are putting mask mandates back in place, they’re not only looking to protect the vaccinated, but they’re trying to protect – or prevent the unvaccinated from spreading the virus to others. Because, again, that is the dominant mode of transmission. So, we’ve got to certainly make that clear to the public. But that’s why I think you see more localities also re-visiting mask mandates. Because we’ve got to protect the unvaccinated from infecting others, and if those who are vaccinated, in unusual cases, have breakthrough infections, we’ve got to make sure they don’t transmit that to others, particularly those in their family.”


HILARIOUS: DC Mayor Wants Police Funding A Year After City Council Defunded Police

(BigLeaguePolitics) – Local leadership in the Washington, DC area are pushing for formal measures to bulk up police department funding again, after massively cutting the budget last year in order to appease radical leftists within the Democrat Party.

In an announcement on Wednesday from the DC mayor’s office, Muriel Bowser revealed her proposal for an additional 170 officers to staff the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) through 2022.

Bowser made sure to emphasize that she does not believe that increased police presence or funding is the correct long-term solution for helping prevent massive crime surges.

“Right now, I have directed MPD to use any overtime necessary to meet our public safety demands. But we know that is not a complete solution or the right long-term solution. We also know we need all of our officers to be fresh, rested, and in the best position to make good decisions – and that requires having a full force to meet all of our community’s needs,” Bowser is quoted as saying.

The press release then ironically mentioned the negative impact on DC’s police and their ability to stop crime as a result of last year’s “defunding” movement.

“MPD normally hires approximately 250 officers each year. Last year, after the DC Council reduced MPD’s budget by $15 million, the department was left with a near empty hiring pipeline, which had an immediate and significant impact on recruiting new police officers. As a result, this year, MPD has only been able to hire 42 officers: 21 cadets who became recruits, 12 reinstatements, 8 senior police officers, and one leadership official. Additionally, because of those reductions, MPD was unable to host any recruit classes at the Police Academy this year.”

DC Mayor bowser’s press release on re-funding the police

DC Mayor Bowser is asking the city council to approve her $11 million one-time budget request to hire more officers.

Since the beginning of the summer, some members of the media have grilled Biden’s Press Secretary Jen Psaki over the rise in violent crime across the USA amidst disastrous primarily Democrat policies around the country including defunding the police , releasing repeat violent felons , and more.

Earlier in DC this summer an Uber Eats driver named Mohammad Anwar was heinously murdered at the hands of two teenage hijackers, with the perpetrators receiving minimal sentencing.

It was only last Thursday that a gunman opened fire in an outdoor dining area in the city, a tragic event that many argue could be prevented had it not been for DC’s incredibly strict gun laws that prohibit most citizens from carrying.

Mayor Bowser’s recent reversal on defunding the police may indicate a change in certain disastrous Democrat policies going forward. Although many do seem to fall for insane talking points suggesting that defunding the police is a serious or helpful public policy, it appears that the truth cannot be avoided forever.


Did Don Lemon Really Just Stand Up for Tucker Carlson?

(PJMedia) – Did CNN viewers (all six of them) witness a rare instance of reconciliation Monday night? Was there a moment of kinship transcending party and ideological boundaries akin to the legendary World War I Christmas Truce ? Is the moon indeed in the Seventh House ? Has Jupiter actually aligned with Mars? Did Don Lemon really stand up for Tucker Carlson?

Well, the part about Lemon is true . You can watch it here . As to the dawning of the Age of Aquarius, don’t hold your breath. Despite this rare and brief display of solidarity, I think we all know where the lines are drawn. In this case, Lemon took issue with Dan Bailey’s confrontation of Carlson in a fishing shop in Montana in the presence of Carlson’s daughter. That, of course, was caught on yet another “viral” video, which undoubtedly showed up in almost all of your news feeds ad infinitum .

Lemon noted that Carlson holds what he considers to be reprehensible views and that Carlson himself has done similar things to other people, namely Lemon. But he did state that Carlson had the right to his personal space and that such a thing should not happen to anyone. Ana Navarro, who was sitting in on the segment, basically opined that Carlson was getting as good as he routinely gives and that those kinds of confrontations come with the job.

I’ll give Lemon credit for saying that such a thing should not take place. Be that as it may, he did refer to Carlson as a Fox News propagandist, so he apparently couldn’t resist getting in a shot. Unfortunate. I guess it was good while it lasted.

In a perfect world, celebrities and non-celebrities alike, Left or Right, would be able to voice an opinion without having someone jump out of the woodwork at them. Especially when they are with their children. But the calls for civility sound a little hollow coming from the left side of the aisle. Twitter mobs are made up of leftists. Cancel culture is made up of leftists, and – for the umpteenth time – while a group of goons ran amuck in the Capitol in January, it was not conservatives trying to burn down cities last summer.

High-profile conservatives were not the ones calling for people to track down folks in public places and “get in their faces.” Conservatives are not the ones demonizing people for crimes they did not commit, or forcing them from their jobs. For that matter, look at the hearings on the January 6 riot, in which Donald Trump is being portrayed as Grendel to Nancy Pelosi’s Beowulf. (Okay that may not be a completely apt illustration, but I needed something a little dramatic. Give a guy a break, once in a while.)

Related: Now Tucker Carlson Has Angered the U.S. Space Command

I’ll be the first one to cheer when we start acting like ladies and gentlemen or whatever the hell your preferred pronouns are. And if you have been a parent, you know that the phrase “He started it!” gets a little thin after just one or two times. But the truth is that by and large, the hostility has come from the Left. And they need to take responsibility for that before feigning sympathy.

Again, don’t hold your breath.


Biden Says He ‘Used to Drive an 18-Wheeler’

MACUNGIE, PENNSYLVANIA - JULY 28: U.S. President Joe Biden speaks at Mack Truck Lehigh Valley Operations on July 28, 2021 in Macungie, Pennsylvania. President Biden spoke to a crowd of supporters at Mack Truck Lehigh Valley Operations about the importance of manufacturing in America and buying products made in America and supplying job to workers. (Photo by Michael M. Santiago/Getty Images)

(Breitbart) – President Joe Biden used a visit to a Mack Truck facility in Pennsylvania on Wednesday to roll up his sleeves and assert solidarity with the workers, telling them “I used to drive an 18-wheeler, man.” He offered no evidence to support the boast.

RNC Research shared the video of Biden and captioned it “Joe Biden, a career politician who has been in politics for 48 years, claims he “used to drive an 18 wheeler.”

RNC Director Zach Parkinson said there was “zero evidence that Biden used to drive an 18 wheeler.”

“The extent of Biden’s trucking experience is that he **rode in** a truck once, for one night in 1973 (he made sure to return home by plane though),” he tweeted.

Parkinson also shared an Associated Press article about Biden’s 1973 journey, which was headlined “Senator observes truckers’ woes.” That article said: “Biden takes 550-mile ride.”

Fox News later pressed the White House on Biden’s claim with a spokesperson observing the president “rode” in a truck back in 1973.

U.S. President Joe Biden speaks at Mack Truck Lehigh Valley Operations on July 28, 2021 in Macungie, Pennsylvania. He spoke about the importance of manufacturing in America and buying products made in America and supplying job to workers. (Michael M. Santiago/Getty Images)

The spokesperson shared with Fox News a 1973 article from the Wilmington Evening Journal showing the president sitting in an 18-wheeler, not driving it.

The president’s spokesperson pointed to a United Federation of Teachers post that touched on Biden driving a school bus in the past as a summer job.

During his speech in Pennsylvania, Biden also joked about wanting to drive a truck.

“Well, I’m not going to say anything; I just came to drive a truck,” the president said. “And I’m not sure which one I want to drive. That one? There’s one back in the corner you can’t see. It’s the biggest damn pick-up truck you ever saw in your life.”


Big Tech ‘Counterterrorism’ Org Shifts Focus from Islamic Extremism to ‘Far Right’

(Breitbart) – Big Tech companies including Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Twitter, Reddit, Verizon, Airbnb, and Mailchimp will expand a project of collusion on “counterterrorism” efforts that target domestic right-wing organizations.

The organization, which initially focused on building a database on content shared by Islamic extremists linked to Al Qaeda, ISIS, and the Taliban, will now shift focus to right-wing groups including the Proud Boys.

Via Reuters :

A counterterrorism organization formed by some of the biggest U.S. tech companies including Facebook (FB.O) and Microsoft (MSFT.O) is significantly expanding the types of extremist content shared between firms in a key database, aiming to crack down on material from white supremacists and far-right militias, the group told Reuters.

Until now, the Global Internet Forum to Counter Terrorism’s (GIFCT) database has focused on videos and images from terrorist groups on a United Nations list and so has largely consisted of content from Islamist extremist organizations such as Islamic State, al Qaeda and the Taliban.

Over the next few months, the group will add attacker manifestos – often shared by sympathizers after white supremacist violence – and other publications and links flagged by U.N. initiative Tech Against Terrorism. It will use lists from intelligence-sharing group Five Eyes, adding URLs and PDFs from more groups, including the Proud Boys, the Three Percenters and neo-Nazis.

The news comes on the same day that PayPal announced it would work with the far-left Anti-Defamation League (ADL) to monitor and suppress alleged right-wing extremists and would share the data it collects with law enforcement.


Biden to Issue Vaccine Mandate for Millions of Federal Workers

(Breitbart) – President Joe Biden on Thursday will announce millions of federal workers must prove they have received a coronavirus vaccine or be forced to submit to regular government testing, stringent social distancing, masking, and travel restrictions.

The anticipated call follows the Pentagon’s direction “all individuals” – regardless of vaccination status – wear a mask indoors at Department of Defense (DOD) installations and facilities in areas of “substantial or high transmission” of coronavirus as defined by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), as Breitbart News reported .

AP reports Biden’s broader push to get the nation’s biggest single employer to fall into line and demand vaccinations from 2.1 million civilian federal workers reflects his previously stated belief the resurgence of the virus lies squarely on the shoulders of those who aren’t vaccinated.

Biden’s views on the matter are shared across his administration.

“The pandemic we have now is a pandemic of the unvaccinated,” Biden said during a visit Wednesday to a truck plant in Pennsylvania, where he emplored the unvaccinated to “please, please, please, please” get the jab.

A day earlier, the president mused “if those other 100 million people got vaccinated, we’d be in a very different world,” before questioning the intelligence of those who refused the jab, saying “…if you’re not vaccinated, you’re not nearly as smart as I thought you were.”

The administration on Wednesday was still reviewing details of the expected guidance, and significant questions about its implementation and scope remained, according to the AP report.

The administration is announcing the move now with the hope that it will give agencies enough time to plan for implementation before workers return fully to the workplace at the end of summer, alongside parallel CDC demands for masking even for vaccinated people:

The announcement is expected to come as part of broader remarks Thursday that Biden promised would outline “the next steps in our effort to get more Americans vaccinated.”

Even before he makes his public pronouncement, others from across all walks of life are eagerly taking up the administration’s push for mass vaccinations and berating those who think differently.

Breitbart News reported former NBA star and current sports analyst Charles Barkley had strong words on Wednesday for those who have yet to be vaccinated against the coronavirus, saying those who have not yet received the shot are “just a**holes.”

“Yes, I’m vaccinated,” Barkley said , according to CNBC. “Everybody should be vaccinated. Period.”

“The only people who are not vaccinated are just a-holes,” he added.

Barkley, now a 58-year-old TNT basketball analyst, also suggested coronavirus vaccines should be mandatory for players in professional sports leagues.


Watch: Biden Weighs Mandating COVID Vaccine For Federal Workers, Mocks Unvaccinated Americans

MACUNGIE, PENNSYLVANIA - JULY 28: U.S. President Joe Biden speaks at Mack Truck Lehigh Valley Operations on July 28, 2021 in Macungie, Pennsylvania. President Biden spoke to a crowd of supporters at Mack Truck Lehigh Valley Operations about the importance of manufacturing in America and buying products made in America and supplying job to workers. (Photo by Michael M. Santiago/Getty Images)

(InfoWars) – Joe Biden said he’s considering mandating the COVID-19 injection for all federal workers, and added that unvaccinated Americans are stupid.


During an address Tuesday in Virginia to the intelligence community for the first time since capturing the White House, a reporter asked Biden if he’s considering vaccine mandates for the entire federal workforce of 2.1 million people.

“That’s under consideration right now, but if you’re not vaccinated you’re not nearly as smart as I thought you were,” Biden said.

Meanwhile, here is the “smartest guy” Joe Biden says he knows:

This comes after the Department of Veterans Affairs announced Monday they will require COVID-19 vaccines for its health care workforce, making it the first federal agency to mandate the jab for employees.

Watch Biden’s full speech:


5 Examples of Hypocrisy That Make It Impossible to Take Liberals Seriously

(PJMedia) – For Democrats, standards are like cocktails. Make Pelosi’s a double.

The Capitol “riot” proceedings happening now should be nominated for soap opera of the year. A Capitol policeman testified that he had a Trumpster pull on his baton, which naturally led him to believe he was about to be hanged. Huh? I’m waiting to see the camera cut to Chuck “Croc Tears” Schumer making use of those two “method acting” classes he attended. It’s a sham. If 300,000 Trump -supporting “insurrectionists” had wanted to take the Capitol, they would have brought their guns. That was never the intention, but everyone knows that. Even Pelosi, who is nothing but human Ipecac . She knows the hearings are grotesque, but she is the “mastermind” behind them. Which leads us to our first example of ridiculous hypocrisy.

By the left’s own standards, January 6 wasn’t mostly peaceful-it was almost completely peaceful. If, say, 300,000 people showed up to hear Trump speak, and 600 got violent, that’s 0.2% of the crowd (600 is a HUGE overstatement, as many of those arrested weren’t violent). When 1000 “protestors” showed up to demand justice for Saintly George Floyd, and 200 were violent members of BLM and their non-binary Ken doll sis-bros, that’s 20% of the crowd. That 20% proceeded to burn Portland for over 100 nights, sack Washington D.C. for a solid month, trash Chicago, and reduce Minneapolis to a burning rubble. Don’t forget Seattle, Atlanta, and everywhere else. Portions of cities were taken over. Black kids were shot and killed, and the lefty Pravda media introduced the most hypocritical phrase of the century: “mostly peaceful.” Biden referred to Antifa as “an idea,” and Jerry Nadler, in a spectacular display of deception, called them “a myth.” The grandparents being arrested for strolling the Capitol are labeled “insurrectionists,” while those Floyd-loving libs who attacked police and burned buildings, cars, and businesses were mostly ignored, if not rewarded . Antifa has made it clear that they want revenge . The January 6 protestors simply wanted to be heard.

One of the many accusations we heard from media sitzpinklers like Don Lemon was that Trump was cray-cray and needed to get hit by the shillelagh of the 25th Amendment. Obviously, nothing in Trump’s behavior suggested he needed to rubberize the Oval Office. Now let’s talk about Biden.

My Great Uncle Henry was sent to a home after he yelled at my cousin Sam, “You’re mom has been napping on the bedroom floor for two days. She’s too lazy to get up and make me a sandwich.” The signs of dementia were clear to all. Thankfully, there were no Democrats in the family to deny the obvious.

When recently asked a question about immigration, our president responded with what clearly sounded like: “My butt’s been wiped.” Mad bomb shouts for our leader’s clean derriere (the real question is: who did the wiping?), but who doesn’t think this latest example of Biden’s mental decline is a sad and obvious clue that the leader of the free world is one Baby Ruth shy of a pool evacuation?

Democrats imposed the harshest lockdowns in the nation, then some dodged their own rules . The most egregious example is Michigan’s Governor Whitmer. “Stretchin” Gretchen flew to Florida after telling her constituents to avoid that very state. Whitmer wouldn’t allow Michiganders to lock down in their vacation cabins but she went to hers . She declared people couldn’t hang with more than six people in a restaurant, only to snag a bevvy with nine of her peeps. The worst part is that she had people arrested for ignoring her Draconian lockdown sheep-dip.

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf and New York Governor Andrew Cuomo are guilty as well.

The left has been screaming that there was no 2020 election fraud-and that anyone who believes there was any skullduggery is a “conspiracy theorist,” if not a full-on “Qanon wackjob.” The same Democrat ambergris cheered on Robert Mueller’s “Trump Russia collusion” farce for two years, then denied the findings because they didn’t go their way.

The Bull-sheviks of the Biden administration have been pushing the myth of MAGA-hat-wearing, white supremacist rednecks hunting black kids nationwide, despite a complete lack of data to prove this race-baiting lie. Black supremacy, on the other hand, is getting out of control. Eleven members of a heavily armed group of black men , calling themselves “Rise of the Moors,” recently shut down a portion of a highway in Massachusetts in a standoff with police. Despite the lefty narrative that a group of black men with guns would get perforated by police, the situation ended peacefully.

Related: L.A. Police Pummel Antifa Thugs

A large, heavily armed group of black supremacists in Tulsa recently celebrated the 100-year anniversary of the “Tulsa Massacre” by marching the streets and chanting, “Whose streets? Our streets.” At least one gunslinger suggested it was time to “shoot everything white.”

A black supremacist just shot a Florida policeman in the head and was arrested later while hiding in a “treehouse” stocked with weapons, on land owned by a member of the “Not F***ing Around Coalition” (NFAC).

We could go on. There are dozens more examples of Democrat hypocrisy, but we simply don’t have the time to cover them all.

Pelosi sold her soul to the devil so that she could bring this nation down.


Watch: Don Lemon Says Unvaccinated People Shouldn’t Be Able To Work Or Buy Food

(InfoWars) – CNN anchor Don Lemon told his colleague Chris Cuomo Tuesday night that he thinks unvaccinated people should not be allowed to shop for food or have jobs, among other limitations.

Endorsing a scenario that would leave millions of Americans homeless and starving, Lemon said, “Don’t get the vaccine? You can’t go to the supermarket.”

“Don’t have the vaccine? Can’t go to the ball game. Don’t have the vaccine? Can’t go to work. You don’t have a vaccine? Can’t come here, no shirt, no shoes, no service,” the CNN host said.

Lemon mocked Americans who don’t want to get the experimental shot, saying, “They just keep going back and saying, ‘Well, it’s my freedom, it’s whatever, I’m free.’ Well, your kid’s not free to give other kids meningitis in schools. You got to take a vaccine to do that. You got to take vaccines in order to be employed, so what’s the big deal?”

Newsflash Don! Mandating vaccinations at schools and in the workplace is unAmerican and should be illegal as well.

He continued, telling Cuomo, “And all these people who are saying, ‘I don’t want to put this stuff in my body,’ they’re out drinking on the weekend and putting other substances in their bodies that’s way worse for them than a vaccine. So, come on, let’s be real.”

For one, not everybody is out drinking and doing drugs every weekend as if they’re Don Lemon on New Year’s Eve .

Plus, people who engage in those activities are doing so voluntarily and not under duress of a worldwide propaganda effort pushed by the media, medical and political establishments.

CNN is prepping the nation for mandatory vaccinations, which the DOJ recently declared “legal” in defiance of basic human rights.