BREAKING: Judge Makes SHOCK Border Announcement


(The Post Millennial) – The Biden administration’s “catch and release” policy is on track to release unprecedented numbers of illegal migrants into US territory with nothing but a signed Promise to Appear.
Illegal border crossings have stayed at or near 20-year records in April of 2012.

According to the Daily Wire, at issue is the new Alternatives to Detention (ATD) program, which actually dates back to 2004, of which “catch and release” is a part. This program allows for varying levels of monitoring of people who are in the US awaiting formal hearings, depending on many factors related to the particular immigrant’s background etc.

The Biden administration has also decided to eliminate fines for overstaying visas or failing to appear at hearings, claiming that they were counterproductive:

“There is no indication that these penalties promoted compliance with noncitizens’ departure obligations. We can enforce our immigration laws without resorting to ineffective and unnecessary punitive measures,” said Alejandro Mayorkas, the Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security.

Chad Wolf, the man replaced by Mayorkas, however, strongly disagrees with the above. Wolf commented the following:

“Just when you think the Biden administration’s immigration policies and agenda can’t get worse … it does. How does withdrawing a consequence (i.e. fine) and holding individuals accountable when they overstay their visa and fail to depart in the best interests of DHS?”