BREAKING: Hunter Biden arranged meetings with White House officials for Mexican businessman


(thepostmillennial)New emails obtained by the National Pulse reveal that Hunter Biden arranged meetings with White House officials, possibly including his father, on behalf of a Mexican businessman.

The businessman in question is Miguel Aleman Magnani, the CEO Interjet, Mexico’s third largest airline and grandson of a former Mexican President. In return for access to American government officials, Hunter appears to have received artwork and was allowed to stay at villas owned by Magnani.

In an email dated to February 24th, 2016, Hunter Biden complains that he had provided Magnani with access to the White House only to be ignored by him when he no longer needed favours, writing that he “delivered on every single thing you ever asked.”

“I have brought every single person you have ever asked me to bring to the F’ing WHite [sic] House and the Vice President’s house and the inauguration and then you go completely silent,” Hunter continued in the email. It is unclear whether access to the Vice President’s house included access to the Vice President himself.

The younger Biden also said in the email that he had “been talking about business deals and partnerships for 7 years” with Magnani.

Another email from an advisor at Rosemont Seneca Partners, who’s president Hunter Biden appears to have arranged a presidential appointment for, instructed Biden to thank Magnani for a piece of artwork he had gifted.

Emails also reveal that that Burisma, the Ukrainian energy firm which Hunter Biden worked for, was able to pursue a “privatization opportunity” in partnership with the Magnani family’s company, the Aleman Group. The opportunity is in regard to Pemex, Mexico’s state-owned petroleum company

The email mentions a meeting which took place on February 27th, 2015 in Mexico City, just two days after then-Vice President Joe Biden delivered a speech in the city.

The revelations come as more information is leaked from what is alleged to be Hunter Biden’s laptop. The laptop was handed over to the FBI by Trump’s lawyer, Rudy Giuliani.