Breaking: Hair Stylists Hold Hair Dryer Protest Outside Pelosi’s Home! Hang Curlers From The Tree! (Video)


    ‘Angry salon customers’ call out House Speaker’s hypocrisy

    (Infowars) – Protesters decorated trees outside Nancy Pelosi’s home with curlers and blow dryers, angered over her recent visit to a California hair salon in violation of COVID lockdown orders.

    The protesters reportedly showed up outside Pelosi’s San Francisco home Thursday, describing themselves as “angry salon customers,” according to the San Francisco Chronicle’s Jessica Christian.

    Protesters also decorated the tree with a US flag, after which they called it a “liberty tree.”

    The protest comes in the wake of a controversy that erupted Tuesday after footage emerged of Pelosi visiting a San Francisco salon mask-less, in violation of COVID-19 lockdown orders forbidding salons from being open.

    On Wednesday, Pelosi blamed the salon for booking her hair appointment.

    The incident culminated Thursday when White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany looped footage of Pelosi walking through the salon during a press briefing, followed by critical tweets from President Trump.