BREAKING: Georgia launches statewide signature match review of absentee ballots


(thepostmillennial)The Trump campaign has attained their goal of getting a statewide signature audit of ballots in Georgia. Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger said on Thursday that the review of signatures would move forward.

The statement from Raffensperger’s office said that “the Office of the Secretary of State would be partnering with the University of Georgia on a statewide review of signature match in the Peach State. The partnership will help instill confidence in Georgia’s absentee ballot system in future elections.”

“We are confident that elections in Georgia are secure, reliable, and effective,” said Raffensperger.

“Despite endless lawsuits and wild allegations from Washington, D.C. pundits, we have seen no actual evidence of widespread voter fraud, though we are investigating all credible reports. Nonetheless, we look forward to working with the University of Georgia on this signature match review to further instill confidence in Georgia’s voting systems.”

The process will be undertaken by researchers at the University of Georgia’s School of Public and International Affairs, and will “including a randomized signature match study of election materials handled at the county level in the November 3 Presidential contest. This work will also include research on processes used at the county level to perform signature-matching.”

“UGA will perform is a study of a sample of signed envelopes in each county from the presidential election. It is intended to be forward-looking, helping to inform and optimize election administration for future electoral contests in the State of Georgia,” the statement concluded.

This comes after a Monday announcement from Raffensperger’s office that signatures in Cobb County, Geor. would be reviewed, after a complaint was made specifically regarding procedures in that county.

It was reported on Thursday that the Southern Poverty Law Center, hardly a bipartisan, objective organization, was providing funding for absentee ballot drop boxes in Fulton County, Geor.

The election results in Georgia have already been certified for Joe Biden, but the state’s voting procedures and processes, specifically with regard to absentee balloting, has been under scrutiny.

As the Peach State moves toward a runoff election to determine the fate of its two Senate seats on Jan. 5, it will be key for not only Georgians but all Americans to trust that process. If both Democrats who are running for the seat win, the US Senate could flip blue, leaving both the House of Representatives and the White House in Democrat hands.