BREAKING: Bruce Willis Fights Back Against C0vid Masks


(The Post Millennial) – Bruce Willis was asked to leave a Los Angeles pharmacy on Monday after refusing to wear a mask, Page Six reports.

According to an anonymous patron of the pharmacy, Willis walked into the store without a mask on. He refused to cover his nose and mouth when asked despite having been wearing a bandana around his neck at the time.

Willis, who has not commented on the matter, apparently left the pharmacy without making a purchase.

Willis spent most of the pandemic quarantining with his family in their home in Idaho, where he owns several businesses.

It is unclear what brought Willis back to Los Angeles, which has become the epicenter of coronavirus in the state of California. Cases of coronavirus have been rapidly rising in California in recent weeks as the government desperately shuts down the state to try to control the virus. Efforts to contain it do not appear to have been successful thus far.

Los Angeles County has been the location of a variety of anti-mask demonstrations, including a recent protest at a mall in the county which turned into a brawl between pro-maskers and anti-maskers.