Arlington parent sues public school system for lack of in-person learning


    (thepostmillennial)An Arlington parent is filing a lawsuit against the local school system for not providing in-person learning options, WDVM reports.

    Father Russell Laird filed the lawsuit after he says he and other parents felt ignored by the school system. They believe that their children’s educational experience has reduced in quality since coronavirus shutdowns took effect, and they are looking for ways to get their children back in the classroom.

    “This lawsuit has come after months of many parents working together,” Laird said.

    “Surveys that have been done, where parents have indicated a preference of in-school learning that have been ignored,” he explains.

    Laird says that he and other frustrated parents just want a choice when it comes to their children’s education.

    “We’ve been told so much about a plan in the works. The school board and superintendent have no credibility left,… It’s been so frustrating, and all we’re asking for is a choice, just like we indicated, so many parents did, back in the summer,” he said.

    Local residents have reportedly put up signs in the streets urging the school board to take action and reopen in-person learning.

    Laird’s lawsuit argues that the state constitution is being violated by shutting down schools.

    “If what’s being done now, choosing an inferior path to education, if that’s not a violation of the state constitution, then those words mean nothing and that’s what we’re going to argue in Court,” Laird said.