Antifa assault Trump supporter in Beverly Hills during ‘MAGA-ween’ rally



    (thepostmillennial)Antifa militants swarmed and attacked a Trump supporter in Beverly Hills on Saturday during a “MAGA-ween” rally when Black Lives Matter activists hijacked the peaceful event.

    The “USA Freedom Rally” was planned for 3 p.m. on Halloween Day featuring multiple Republican congressional candidates running in California.

    Based on an aerial view, nearly 2,000 appeared to participate, local journalist Samuel Braslow reported from the rooftop of the Beverly Hills Courier.

    Trucks tailgated while vendors set up shop. LGBT activists sold merchandise in support of President Donald Trump. Another table advocated to “recall” Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom.

    Then the reactionary black bloc marched from Roxbury Park to the conservative site. The Beverly Hills Police Department declared the assembly an unlawful riot after fights broke out between the pro-Trump attendees and leftist counter-protesters. Law enforcement formed a line between the feuding groups.

    As authorities announced dispersal orders, a black-clad militant with “ACAB” painted on his helmet attempted to steal a large flag out of the hands of a patriotic-dressed man wearing a khaki tactical vest and safari hat.

    When the Trump supporter pulled what appeared to be a variation of the Armenian flag back in his direction, the leftist mob flocked to collectively assault him. Moments later while the man was knocked to the ground, the attackers continued to beat him. An individual led him away from the scene temporarily before the melee ensued again. Police eventually broke up the scuffle.

    “A couple of the members got into a violent attack on a pro-Trump member. It was at that point that an unlawful assembly was declared,” Lt. Max Subin of BHPD told Fox News.

    The victim suffered injuries to his face and was treated by the Beverly Hills Fire Department.

    According to an Oct. 23 press release, BHPD was already placed on “full alert” ahead of the demonstration throughout the residential districts as “private security companies will offer support and coordinate closely.”

    As Election Day approaches, the Beverly Hills City Council agreed during a Tuesday study session to provide $4.8 million in supplemental policing, slated to hire an additional 80 security services personnel, Patch Media reported.

    Beginning on the eve of Nov. 3, Rodeo Drive will be closed to vehicle and pedestrian traffic from South Santa Monica Boulevard to Wilshire Boulevard. Businesses along the Business Triangle reportedly boarded-up storefront windows Friday morning in anticipation of possible civil unrest.