Anti-Trump group abandons blacklist project after public backlash



(thepostmillennial)The Trump Accountability Project, which blacklists supporters of President Donald Trump, is “no longer active.” The announcement came after the mainstream media’s projected winner of the presidential election Joe Biden called for unity in America.

“Accordingly, in the spirit of the President-elect’s call to build a more united country, this project will no longer be active,” organizers wrote in a statement on the project’s website.

Admins noted that the project was purportedly started, because “restoring democratic norms are vital to protecting America’s future.”

However, a “critical part of making sure the nation never finds itself in this position again” is to ensure that those members of the Trump administration are held “responsible for loosening the guardrails of our democracy” and not “rewarded with book deals, TV contracts, or six-figure salaries in the private sector based on that experience.”

“Ultimately, however, the goal of the project was to play a part in restoring the soul of the nation, and we’ll follow President-elect Biden’s lead to get us there,” the statement concludes.

Prominent lawyer Leslie McAdoo Gordon responded, “Translation: We got our a**es handed to us so we are limping off the field w/our tail between our legs; but we are still unwilling to admit what we were doing is morally indefensible because that is how totalitarians roll.”

The Trump Accountability Project was inspired at the behest of “Squad” member and New York Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. The congresswoman asked at the time if anyone is “archiving these Trump sycophants for when they try to downplay or deny their complicity in the future?”

Individuals named included those who “elected, served, funded, supported, and represented” the president. The growing compilation was initially published before the group restricted access to the extensive Google Sheets document captured by Internet archives. Tabs separated categories such as “Campaign Staff,” “Administration,” “Appointees,” “Donors,” “Law Firms,” “Endorsers,” and “Denouncers.” Under “Administration,” junior staffers and White House stenographers were listed. Supreme Court Justice and lifetime tenured Amy Coney Barrett topped the “Appointees” division.

Project promoters ranged from former Obama administration staffer Michael Simon to ex-senior spokesman for the Barack Obama campaign Hari Sevugan who also served as the Democratic National Committee’s national press secretary. Pete Buttigieg national surrogates director Emily Abrams as well as Never-Trumper Jennifer Rubin joined in.