Alberta pizza shop shut down after inspector finds management feeding laid off staff


    (thepostmillennial)Alberta Health Services has shut down a small pizza shop in Calgary, after inspectors found it was servicing a group of patrons at a table. According to management however, those were not patrons, but employees being treated to a free meal.

    According to the Calgary Herald, Keith Luce is the manager of the restaurant and attests that the patrons were his employees. “That was the day we were basically laying out plans for our shutdown, and giving them their official layoff letter,” said Luce. “And then there was food we were testing for our new carry-away menu.”

    Alberta announced a mandatory closure of almost all dine-in type establishments for no less than a month. This is in the hopes of bringing down COVID-19 numbers, but such an order has now led to businesses like Luce, laying off their employees.

    Luce also said there were fewer than ten employees and he was merely “trying to do something nice for people we were laying off.” He has since laid off those ten employees and continues to operate his business with two people, including himself. Currently, it is open only for take-out via delivery apps such as Skip the Dishes and Uber Eats.