ABOVE THE LAW: Joe Biden’s niece gets no jail time in spite of DUI guilty plea



Caroline Biden, the niece of Joe Biden, pleaded guilty to a DUI and somehow managed to avoid mandatory jail time.

Caroline Biden, aged 33 years, received a sentence of six months of “confinement” but, properly read and understood, this is a de facto sentence of probation and no jail time.

The deal she received allows for her sentence to be reduced by a further 20 days due to rehabilitation she voluntarily underwent in January.

The incident occurred in Pennsylvania in August of 2019. Caroline Biden was driving without a licence and wound up slamming her car into a tree.

Law enforcement officers found that she was driving without a licence. They also found two controlled substances in the car, carisoprodol and lorazepam, which were later also found to be in her blood.

Conveniently for the Biden campaign, Caroline’s arraignment was held on Nov. 4, the day after the elections.

Caroline was also fined $1990 and given 12 hours of community service, as well as a further year’s suspension of her licence and the requirement to participate in a special drug awareness program.

The New York Post had already predicted that this would happen on July 11. of this year. They also previously published an article detailing eight other famous Biden busts in the recent past.

Specifically, Joe Biden’s brother James and his son Hunter have also come under fire for various actions.