About us

Would you like to know what’s really going on in Washington?

I’m sure your answer is, YES!

A small group of dedicated Patriots have banded together to bring America the truth about the shenanigans going on in Washington DC.

“We Observe And Report What We Discover To The American People”
 Anonymous Watcher


The Lame-Steam Media deliberately propagates misinformation to create conflict and disorientation thereby, keeping the American people off-balance and unable to separate truth from fiction.  By selling toxic chaos the people become numb to the truth thus creating mental dependence upon defective journalists as they control the American mind while harvesting billions of dollars of ill-gotten gain and unlimited political power.

“The most formidable weapon in combating the corrosive poison circulated by the media’s axis of evil is the TRUTH and TRUTH is what we bring to America day after day.”  Anonymous Watcher

Washington Watch Secret Network Of Watchers needs your support for our ongoing work to quietly observe and discreetly report back to you what we have discovered.

Now you know why we depend on Patriots like you to help us defray our costs and continue our observing and reporting for you!