41-Year-Old Disabled Man Euthanized After Government Health Officials Decide To Cut Funding For In-Home Care



“Welcome to the great Canadian Healthcare system people”

(Infowars) – 41-year-old Sean Tagert was euthanized on Friday after the Canadian government cut funding for his in-home medical care.

Tagert, who suffered from Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), was killed by assisted suicide despite appealing to the Vancouver Coastal Health patient care quality department.

While Tagert’s illness prevented him from moving his body, eating or speaking, his mental awareness was still intact.

Because of his condition, doctor’s recommended Tagert receive 24-hour in-home care, but Vancouver Coastal Health initially offered only 15.5 hours of care per day.

They raised their offer to 20-hours per day, but Tagert would still have had to pay $263.50 a day for the remaining 4 hours.

Tagert then posted a social media status explaining his situation and criticizing the Canadian healthcare system.

Grandin Media reports:

Tagert and his family continued to fight for coverage of a full day’s care, to no avail.

“Hey everyone. I’ve been quiet lately because I’m just done, worn-out,” wrote Tagert in a July 25 post on his Facebook page.

“So last Friday I officially submitted my Medically assisted death paperwork, with lawyers and doctors, everything in proper order. It’s been over a month since I submitted my appeal to the Vancouver Coastal Health patient care quality department. They didn’t even respond.”

“Welcome to the great Canadian Healthcare system people,” Tagert wrote.

Tagert leaves behind an 11-year-old son, Aidan, of whom family members said, “Above all else, Sean was devoted to his son.”

“Sean often said that Aidan was his reason for living, and had a close relationship with him right to the end.”

Since Canada legalized euthanasia in December of 2015, one out of every 100 deaths has been administered by a doctor.

In the past, Infowars was one of the only media outlets to cover Obamacare’s death panels where doctors would decide whether or not to continue to care for a patient.

This tragic case will become normalized in America if Democrat politicians implement government-run “Universal Healthcare,” supported by nearly every one of their presidential candidates.

They have a few ways of stripping Americans of their plans, but all mean the end of your healthcare and the rise of death panels.