Cars, Trucks And Motorcycles For Miles! Massive Turnout For Trump Parade On I-275 Loop Around Cincinnati


(Gateway Pundit) – The woman who organized Saturday’s parade of Trump supporters driving the I-275 Loop around Cincinnati, Ohio says she only expected fifty, maybe a hundred people to show up. Instead, Karen Mills got thousands to turn out for a parade that stretched for miles on the inner and outer loops and was cheered by supporters who gathered on overpasses.

One supporter towed a tank in the parade. One planned staging location turned into nearly three dozen. Mills said the parade was also intended to show support for police.

The nearly 84 miles long I-275 encircles Cincinnati and runs through Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana.

Above image credit: Dan Scavino/Twitter

Above image credit: Alysha Johnson/Twitter

Pictures and video:

View from the Price Rd bridge over 275 near Wards Corner, video posted to YouTube by Ferdinand Fite:

News report by WLWT-TV:

Ten minute video by poster with barking dog who pulled over to film the parade whizzing by:

Featured image credit: @MPCU3/Twitter