Fake News Hacks Claim Man Died After Ingesting Chloroquine ‘Because Of Trump’ – Leaves Out The Fact He Actually Drank Koi Pond Cleaner



(Gateway Pundit) – The fraudstream media is truly the enemy of the American people.

Late last week President Donald Trump announced a new medical treatment that includes malaria drug chloroquine and Z-pac cocktail to battle the coronavirus.

There are three international studies that show the combination is very effective in treating the coronavirus and also acts as a prophylactic.

We reported on the success of Chloroquine earlier today and this week.

The propagandists in the media however are desperate to make President Trump look like a murdering liar so they spread one of the biggest hoaxes yet in the Coronavirus news cycle.

On Monday it was reported that a 68-year-old man died after ingesting chloroquine.

Only he didn’t ingest chloroquine — he drank fish tank cleaner and poisoned himself to death.

But the media ran with the lie anyway, because orange man bad.

Read this thread from NBC hack Heidi Przybyla:

And here it is…don’t believe anything the President says…

Buried 8 tweets down, this NBC hack admits the man who died drank FISH TANK CLEANER — but her original tweet with the lie has nearly 20,000 re-tweets.

“The toxic ingredient they consumed was not the medication form of chloroquine, used to treat malaria in humans. Instead, it was an ingredient listed on a parasite treatment for fish.”

Axios also ran with the lie in its headline. Anything for re-tweets.

And the lie just kept going…another one…

George Conway also tweeted out the lie…15,000+ re-tweets and counting.

So now because the media hates President Trump, they are telling Americans that chloroquine will kill them.